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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 08:20 AM
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Source of "Biden Dirt" Memo

This is the hook the GOP will hang manufactured “Biden Dirt” on: A 4-Page Memo created by disgraced former Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko. This is the foundation used to trash Joe Biden.

Know thine enemy!

When you have the time read Seth’s thread and the KyivPost article he links that includes jpeg pics of Lutsenko’s Memo given to Giuliani & journalist Solomon, perhaps even co-written.

It’s a very detailed manufactured smear and Giuliani has worked tirelessly to create more smear documentation etc. to back up the Memo’s smears. Read & be prepared to hear this soon.

Maybe take screen shots of the Memo in the KyivPost article and send to your Congress people. Just a thought.

Lutsenko has since retracted his Memo; nonetheless, we all know by now how the Disinformation Train works.

Once The Lie leaves the station via Fox News, hundreds of disinformation cars & cabooses will hitch themselves up to spread The Lie far and wide.

Trump Et Al know that all their base needs is a justification to angrily shout “Lock Him Up” and lose any focus on the blemished candidate they worship.

We’ve seen this train before.

Will it succeed this time?


Democracies That Use Voting Machines

Food for thought.

It’s a short list:





United Arab Emirates

United States of America



The Blizzard of Bizarro Bull Shit

The GOP are so short sighted.

Karma will find their progeny in the same manner as those less powerful, who lament the GOP refusal to protect The Republic against a cabal using Trump to create a theocratic dictatorship.

The GOP are naive.

Once the blood thirst of a theocratic dictatorship is unleashed, no one NO ONE will breathe without fear. Their progeny are no more safe from being targeted than anyone else.

The GOP masticating Facts and spitting out disinformation will be long gone when their progeny, and ours, will suffer a life dogged by 24/7 fear.

The GOP are nihilists.

America The Republic is at risk. Chaos has emerged.

How this chapter of history ends is anyone’s guess.

Let us hope, as they have in Kansas, that voters show up and end the chapter of GOP rule & laws created to eliminate partisan obstruction.

Consequences for Congressional Lying

I think $1000 for proven lie told by a member of The House of Representatives during Impeachment Hearings .

"I move to strike the last word" means

Found this great explanation:

Parliamentary Procedure: What the hell are they doing in the House?

If you were puzzled at all by the seemingly endless parade of speakers, or by the magic words they would utter as they rose -- "Mr. Speaker, I move to strike the last word" -- you were not alone.

When a Member is recognized and says, "Mr. Speaker, I move to strike the last word, they're claiming five minutes of time to speak.

There’s a bit more to it outlined in the article above.

The Memo - Sneak Preview of Rudy's "Report"

What a find! Read The Memo! All that Rudy hopes to present in his upcoming documentary proving “Trump & Russia are innocent” is meticulously presented.

This Memo was buried in a lengthy KyivPost news article linked below. I grabbed screen shots of the 5 jpeg pics. Easier to read on larger than phone screen.

Click on this tweet copy to read 5 page memo probably written by one of Rudy’s conspiracy cohorts.
The article. A paywall will appear after a you read the article so make an archive copy.


Have You Read Giuliani's Crazy MEMO

What a find! This was buried in a lengthy KyivPost news article. I grabbed screen shots of the 5 jpeg pics, found in the Twitter thread linked below.

The following is the Memo of questionable Ukraine sources that launched The Ukraine Biden Story the GOP uses as a foundation for their Disinformation Campaign.

The MEMO has no documents or links to back up the accusations; however, it is helpful to expose this document because this is the crux of the Trump Team’s efforts to sabotage Biden & Kerry, and prove Ukraine not Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

The article. A paywall will appear after a you read the article so make an archive copy.

Speaker Pelosi's 🙏Prayers🙏 for Trump SNL

Ukraine Colluders Thank Giuliani for Helping Trump


Thank you @RudyGiuliani for your work and what you do for @realDonaldTrump, because we are fighting for the #TRUTH! You are a great friend of Ukraine and a Patriot of US. Hope to see you soon back in Kyiv.

The above tweet is by one of two Ukrainians that flew to Ukraine with Rudy to concoct a conspiracy theory documentary.

The Kyiv Post article linked below gives great background info on the two Rudy Travel Buddies & all around opportunists. Text is directly quoted from article.


Travel Buddy #1

To his supporters, Andrii Telizhenko is a whistleblower. To his opponents, he’s a charlatan.

But when he breezed into Kyiv on Dec. 4 in the company of Rudy Giuliani, U. S.  President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, one thing was clear: The 29-year-old former Ukrainian diplomat has played an outsized role in American politics.

Borys Tarasiuk, who twice served as Ukraine’s foreign minister, says.....

“He’s a crook.”

Travel Buddy #2

Artemenko also accompanied Telizhenko and Giuliani to Kyiv on Dec. 4.

Artemenko’s story is even more bizarre.

In January 2017, he met with two Trump advisers and delivered a “peace plan” for Ukraine widely deemed to favor Russia. The plan suggested lifting sanctions on Russia after giving it Crimea in a long-term lease...

...In Ukraine, many believed the Kremlin was behind the plan.

As a result of this backroom diplomacy, the Prosecutor General’s Office opened a case against Artemenko for treason. He was found to have multiple citizenships, which is banned in Ukraine, and was stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship and his parliamentary mandate as a result.

Pics of Rudy's Colluders - Front Page Ukraine "Kyiv Post" Newspaper

RudyColludy is making a Documentary starring famously corrupt disgruntled former Ukrainian Prosecutors & Politicians.

In order to help us follow along, here are pics of Rudy’s US & Ukrainian Disinformation Campaign co-colluders & Disinformation Dissemination Team.

Pictured from top row; left to right:

US Citizens:
Row 1. Sondland - Mulvaney - diGenova

Row 2. Volker - Perry - Dowd

Row 3. Igor Fruman(indicted) -
Lev Parnas(indicted) -
John Solomon(journalist) -
Victoria Toensing

Ukrainian Citizens:
Row 4. Valentyn Nalyvalchenko -
Yurt Lutsenko -
Visitor Shokin -
Andriy Telizhenko -
Andriy Derkach -
Dmytro Firtash
And the Colluders know Rudy is in the Ukraine working on behalf of his boss, Trump!
Thank you @RudyGiuliani for your work and what you do for @realDonaldTrump, because we are fighting for the #TRUTH! You are a great friend of Ukraine and a Patriot of US. Hope to see you soon back in Kyiv.

(Below are links to more Ukraine Post stories that expose RudyColludy’s Hail Mary efforts to promote Trumps Collusion touchdown.)

Never lose sight of the fact that Russian Sanctions is preventing a huge amount of frozen $$$$$ from being used to help Republicans.

Lifting the sanctions is a huge priority & dissing Biden is a political side show.

Six months later, the only people Giuliani could find to meet with were the same resentful former prosecutors and several lawmakers of questionable repute.


Other sources

Lots of story links at end of this article are

Rudy's 2 Sketchy Ukraine Travel Buddies Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

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