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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 08:20 AM
Number of posts: 3,552

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"The President will self-impeach" Speaker Pelosi

And he has

House Will Pass Impeachment Ball to Senate as soon as The Senate Shares The Game Rules - Brilliant

It’s in Mitch’s court. Game set match. Nancy Rocks

The Amazing Speaker Pelosi will be 80 yrs old in 2020. She Rocks!

I am so proud of her courage! Her commitment to America!

I am so proud of House Democrats today.

Brave, full of integrity, risking all to protect The US Constitution.


Mothers' Tears

America is awash in mothers’ tears, the product of Greeds unfettered grind for years.

Her children find little chance for hope
As opportunity lies beyond the scope of paycheck-to-paycheck barely sustained life.

Is it any wonder so many of her babes turn to dope? Even dying of an accidental overdose.

Only laws can check the amoral, murderous drive of Unbridled Greed.

Surely a majority understands this need.


Click to see where these tears land.

Oversight of Executive Power Will Die in the Senate...Unless (Ray of Hope)

Let’s call a spade a shovel.

The House & Senate Republicans will literally kill the US Republic protections from a corrupt Executive Branch of the US Constitution.

The Law ie Constitution exists simply because laws are required to protect the people from the worst instincts that power can conjure.

For two years the GOP House & Senators assisted a runaway Executive that seems to despise any constraints on Executive behaviors.

No action is assistance.

The GOP assisted the Executive to:

®️shred hard fought international agreements,

®️cage children by the 1000s,

®️invite our adversaries to interfere in our election,

®️secretly meet with Putin,

®️roll back food & environment safety rules,

just to mention a few of the most abhorrent Executive behaviors.

This is no longer about Donald J Trump.

If the Executive Branch is allowed by One Party to snub it’s nose at any/all House & Senate subpoenas or requests for oversight simply because the Executive declares Congressional actions a Hoax or a Witch-hunt we no longer have An American Republic.

The GOP will successfully neuter the 250 years of Freedom most, not all sadly, have enjoyed.

Our ancestors will have fought, suffered, and even died for Trumpism Tyranny not for freedom.

Who in the Republican Party will fight for the Rule of Law? For All Citizens? For freedom from tyranny?


Buyer Beware

So tired of being bamboozled

Read the labels carefully.

Case in point, I wanted straight unsweetened cranberry juice.

In the Organic Juice Section, I forgot to read the ingredients label AGAIN

The 100% Juice

At a glance you might assume 100% Cranberry Juice.

It was mostly very sweet apple juice from concentrate.

This tricky labeling happens way too often.

Caveat Emptor

🦆🦆🦆 We are all sitting ducks 🦆🦆🦆

It appears to be legal to be unscrupulous.

On the bright side, get rich quickly if you have no conscience

John Dean says "He's totally unqualified "


Perhaps we might add a couple of new qualifications to be “the most powerful man in the world”

At least an understanding of “What’s a Bill”

Show This to the Family Trumpists


😂 Rumor: Steve Bannon Filmed Dancing in the Streets"

Almost died laughing!

Allegedly Bannon dancing after Mitch announced Trump would be his own Jury at Mitch’s Impeachment Show Trial


Mitch's Tyranny Trial Balloon 🎈

No trial, just a shameful Trump written Show.

Total tyranny seems to be the goal.

The GOP Dream is total tyrannical control.

A tyrannical dystopian theocratic fascist sexist racist autocratic hate-fueled militant Putinesque take over of the American Republic.

Complete removal from the world stage. Corporations and their mercenaries will rape and steal resources financed by the over-taxed, price-gouged “shit-hole” people robbed of all freedoms, security, and dignity. This includes us now folks sans mercenaries yet.

Life will be very cheap.

I need to watch a Hallmark Christmas story now!

On the bright side, gather your friends & family closely. Share simple pleasures. Find humor. Give and/or BE love.

If we lose this battle, find love and simple living shared with others. There is strength in numbers.

Spoken like the true recluse I prefer to be 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Reclusive living might be a lost luxury!
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