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Walking the talk on overpopulation

We've all seen this exchange at some point:

"We need to reduce the world's population."
"OK, you go first."

Here's a couple who said, "All right, we will."


They wanted to leave this world together, on their own terms, and so on 27 October 2019, Carl and Susan Chase held hands in their favorite spot at home overlooking Horseshoe Cove in Brooksville until death came.

Carl, an accomplished sailor and musician, was 77.

Susan, a renowned sculptor and art teacher, was 75.

The Chases died by suicide, but they wrote in a letter published this month along with their joint obituary in The Ellsworth American and Bangor Daily News that their decision was neither irrational nor desperate, but reasoned.

The Chases wanted their reasons known to the world, but by doing so they have provoked an intense and uncomfortable conversation about death and choice. Suicide experts also said there is real risk that their deaths could be framed as normal and could inspire others to choose suicide.

“We have enjoyed generally good health until the last few years, when it has started to become clear that the body is wearing out,” they wrote. “Where most people these days tackle every medical issue as it arises, we’ve chosen not to spend our last years in an escalating battle against our body’s failures, take more and more pills, signing up for exhausting operations, waiting for the next issue to show up.

“Dying is natural, and inescapable. We see nothing good about stretching the process out over as many years as possible.”

"The pressure of over-population is bringing about the destruction of civilization, and will eventually cause the extinction of our species as we make the planet unfit for ourselves. This process is already well underway. As a consequence truth, decency and rule of law are disappearing daily right before our eyes, leaving no system or social structure capable of managing the mess. Things are sure to get uglier and more violent as “survival of the fittest” becomes the rule. It is hard to be cheerful when confronted by the daily news. We’ve seen more than enough of it already. We have no desire to be further witness to it."

Two years ago I helped my wife have a medically assisted death. That experience cemented my desire to choose my own exit when the time comes. My reasons are the same as the Chases.
Posted by The_jackalope | Sat Dec 7, 2019, 01:56 PM (7 replies)
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