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Gender: Female
Hometown: South Florida
Home country: United States
Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:33 PM
Number of posts: 9,466

Journal Archives

We hear you America!!!!

We can hear your heart and voices on TV as they televise the Senate Health care vote!
Loud and clear. Keep strong, brothers and sisters, American can literally and figuratively hear you in the halls!

Notorious R.B.G. (Love Ginsburg!)

So during the campaign Justice Ginsberg made a derogatory remark about Trumpy and later apologized... will this come back to haunt her if this whole "lets ask the Supreme Court if pardoning myself was legit" game comes to fruition? Will she be expected to recuse herself if it comes down to the court making the decision about his self pardoning after the fact?

Arrested Development development....

Funny video from HuffPo article shows Don Jr and Gob are practically the same guy!

Wonder if Christie is fluffing Trumpy for Session's job...

Thought he was just a little too eager beaver when I saw him on Nicolle Wallace the other day. Now that Kushner's power and influence may be waning, he may be too "busy" to block him.

Kinda wondering...do you think Ivanka will talk Jared into resigning?

And talk her dad into pardoning him? Thoughts?

If I were Rob Goldstone, I would stay away from tall buildings..

Putin has a way of making people fall down flights of stairs or out of windows. Since the Agalarovs are sticking up for Trump and protecting Putin, poor Lil Rob is very very vulnerable.

"She's in such great physical shape"

Trumpy just said to president Macron about his wife. Ogle much? What a vulgarian.

So China opened up its first overseas military base, next to American and French bases

Wonder if that is why Macron is so willing to meet with Trumpy on Bastille Day...

Jared Kushner has a law degree from NYU & interned at the Manhattan D.A.'s office

He knows EXACTLY what is legal and what is not. He just doesn't care. Or believes he can get away with it ....

Obvious that Trumpy thinks of Jared as the son he never had.

Donny Jr. never stood a chance.
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