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Gender: Female
Hometown: South Florida
Home country: United States
Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,004

Journal Archives

Lotsa $$$

MSNBC just did a segment on just how much $$$ that senators who were drafting the healthcare bill took in campaign contributions from the Insurance and Pharma companies:

$471,560 Orrin Hatch
$433,400 Mitch McConnell
$382,100 Rob Portman
$354,616 Pat Toomey
and the list goes on - even senators like Ted Cruz that did not take a lot of money still TOOK money from Insurance /Pharma companies

Not only does Trump have no tapes....

He also has no brain, no heart and no courage.
He is essentially the trio from Oz on steroids.
"Surrender Trumpy!"

"That woman is evil" 2.0 Version?

All throughout the 2016 election, the Russian hackers exploited the Democrat's mixed feelings toward Hillary by flooding the internet with bots and negative stories designed to turn us against her. We came to find out later that so much of what looked like opposition from the Bernie camp was actually manufactured by the Russians trying to manipulate us. Lately, I am seeing the same kind of "super hatred" toward Nancy Pelosi. While there are legitimate concerns and genuine feelings of disappointment that should be addressed - how do we know that this recent hate surge isn't being manufactured by them as well? Finding our weakness then using it against us with the divide and conquer technique is Russia's best event, after all. They did it with Hillary, are they doing it with Nancy too? I want to know what you think...

Russia is all mad because of sanctions so they cancelled meeting with U.S.


Jason Soles, Minneapolis NAACP president on CNN now

talking about Philando Castile- it was only 40 seconds from "hello" to shots fired in his death. His poor daughter, traumatized in that car as he was shot dead by the officer. Heartbreaking.

I've had enough for one night.

Turning off the news......

Of course Trumpy blames Obama, that's his national anthem

When he spoke about Otto Warmbier, he had a potential moment for greatness and blew it. He is blaming our president Obama for the condition of Otto, saying he should have been brought home right away as if that was even possible. How can he now even take credit for that kid coming home, it was obvious the NKoreans dumped him on a plane so they wouldn't have to deal with a dead body on NKorean soil. This makes me sick. Trump makes me sicker.

Otto Warmbier just passed.

I just don't even have words...

I hope our pilots flying jets over Syria are careful...

Putin threatened to shoot down U.S. jet fighters that fly over the "wrong areas" of Syria. I honestly wonder if our president would still continue to defend Putin if that ever happened. Open your eyes Trumpy! Putin is not your friend.

Jared speaks!

What a weird voice, is it just me?
Probably just because I hate him so.....
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