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Gender: Female
Hometown: South Florida
Home country: United States
Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:33 PM
Number of posts: 7,799

Journal Archives

Please donate blood today.

It is always a good idea to donate blood, but after yesterday's tragedy here in Broward County, we really really need folks to give. It's easy, the red buses are just everywhere today - and while thoughts and prayers are "nice" we really need more, like blood. And better laws!

Proud to be a Floridian

We Floridians are known for, well, you know - crazy stuff. But we did good today. We flipped another seat blue!

Washington (CNN)Democrats picked off another Republican-held state legislative seat in a special election Tuesday -- this time a suburban, Sarasota-area district in Florida.

Margaret Good's win over James Buchanan -- the Republican whose father is US Rep. Vern Buchanan -- is another worrying sign for national Republicans headed into next fall's midterm elections.
Good won by 7 percentage points in a district that President Donald Trump carried by 5 points in the 2016 election.
That swing in Democrats' direction made the Florida contest the 36th GOP-held state legislative seat to change parties since Trump took office. And in a district where Republicans held a voter registration advantage of nearly 13,000, the Democratic Party sees it as evidence it can win in Republican strongholds. (Read more)

OMG thank you so much!

I don't know who sent me the anonymous hearts but I thank you so much! I'm still kind of new to DU so, it was so unexpected and so appreciated!

Fox News is Driving us Toward a Constitutional Crisis

Fox News and Sean Hannity have, through their own brand of propaganda, successfully manipulated the president of the United States into taking action that the FBI has “grave concerns” about and that his own Justice Department described as “extraordinarily reckless.”

The Nunes memo is a Hail Mary pass. A desperate, last-ditch effort by Trump and his Fox News enablers to stop the Mueller investigation before it goes any further and inflicts any more damage.

Most concerning of all, he is doing all of this at the behest of Hannity and Fox News.

I used to think that Fox was following Trump’s lead. Now, it appears as if Trump is following Fox and Hannity’s lead ― and in the process, effectively surrendering the powers of the presidency to his own propagandists.( Read more)

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