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Member since: Tue May 23, 2017, 12:35 AM
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Fox/WSJ Pure Evil - Frozen Wind Turbine Lies

Fox, WSJ and conservatives take advantage of winter storms to tell lies about wind turbines/renewable energy. How are we supposed to combat climate change with such aggressive support of fossil-fuel industry lies?

A current focus is Texas where frozen wind turbines are being blamed for power outages, but the state’s independent, outdated grid and unreliable natural gas generation are the real cause.

See facts here.

There needs to be SERIOUS pushback against these dangerous lies!

Pardon the Rioters

This seems like a good thing, but did tRump instruct the FBI to identify them so that he could issue pardons? FBI releases pictures of the Trump rioters who stormed the Capitol as DOJ promises to charge them.


Storming of the Capitol Was Pretty Cool

About time something interesting happened. It made the MAGAs look like a bunch of dumbass fools. It was really smart of them to film their antics on Instagram. Some have already been fired from their jobs. Many will face future repercussions. I wonder if they are tired of winning yet. Is this how they plan to conduct their "civil war"? If so, that should also be fun to watch.


I am very concerned about the Proud Boys

What are they going to do at tomorrow's Senate protest and beyond? They are still out there "stepping down and standing by". Oooh, so scary.

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