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Member since: Tue May 23, 2017, 12:35 AM
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Will Trump go peacefully? If no, what will he do?

I vote no. He will invoke the insurrection act.

What do you think?

Leaked RNC playbook

For those who don't recognize it, it's the My Pet Goat cover...

Trump commutes Stone's sentence

Add another extremely frustrating event to the pile...

Trump Won, Mission Accomplished

Trump won by losing. He’s successfully been able to keep his taxes secret through two election cycles. 

I disagree that it wouldn’t have an effect before the election. Unlike other revelations (i.e. bountygate), Trump isn’t a billionaire which is counter to one of the main reasons his base supports him. Needless to say, the disclosure would have much more dirt that just his net worth. 

Our only hope is that Cy Vance moves quickly (and SCOTUS cooperates) to get info out before the election. Will Cy Vance be willing to influence an election outcome? Who knows. 

The whole situation stinks, an amazing level of corruption that I never thought I would see in my country.

Supreme Court ruling on Trump's tax returns to come Thursday!

If it's not unanimous, we've got problems.

Washington Post
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