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How do you milk sheep?

$170 million and counting...

Electric Vehicle Myths: #3 EVs Aren't Greener than Gasoline or Diesel-Powered Cars

For those of you who are environmentally conscious, I am going to start a series about electric vehicle myths.

Myth 3: EVs Are Not Greener than Gasoline or Diesel-Powered Cars

Sometimes you can see a totally bogus claim with your eyes. Stopped at any intersection, you can see plumes of exhaust arising from ICE cars, especially those that need a tune-up. From the tailpipe of an EV, what do you see? You canít even see the tailpipe, let alone exhaust, because there isnít any.

Those exhaust plumes from ICE cars are composed of several greenhouse gases that we donít want to add to the atmosphere. Getting the gasoline from the ground into the tank of an ICE car uses more electricity than an EV uses in driving. That is, a gasoline-engine car that is sitting still has used more electricity than an EV will use to drive.

Exploring for oil, pumping it out of the ground, shipping it, and refining it into gasoline and diesel is an energy-intensive process. EVs will continue to get greener as the power grid gets greener. ICE vehicles will remain dirty.

According to the US Energy Information Association, US renewable electricity generation has doubled since 2008. Almost 90 percent of the increase in renewable energy came from wind- and solar-power generation. As of 2018, renewables provided 17.6 percent of electricity generation in the United States. Meanwhile, internal-combustion engines are burning gasoline and diesel fuel and emitting into the atmosphere more than half of the total carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides that humanity releases, and almost a quarter of the hydrocarbons.

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