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Member since: Tue May 23, 2017, 12:35 AM
Number of posts: 244

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Judge Barrett, will you recuse yourself from Catholic Church sexual abuse cases?

Will anyone on the panel have the courage to raise her radical religious beliefs and separation of church and state? How about church tax exempt policy. Would be fun to watch..

Wow, what a week!

Starting with the NYT tax article on Sunday to tRump showing his ass during Tuesday's debate to last night's (apparently) positive tRump COVID test. After this week, I don't think it's possible to make America any greater. You couldn't make up this shit.

Trump's money laundering machine

Interesting short read. Last two paragraphs cover the key point. He's such a nasty little schemer.


What's with Mike Papantonio and RoF Radio?

He used to be a solid progressive, but now he constantly takes subtle jads at Biden like below. Is it because he's on RT? Has anyone else seen this?


My Favorite Trump Pics (so far)

Is this how tRump will be rembered?

Versus my favorite Obama pic:

The question no one's asking. Where did Cohen get the pics?

The question no one's asking is how did Michael Cohen get compromising photos of the Falwell's? What are the odds that the Russians procured them?

What parent wants their daughter to be like Melania?

Will there be a split screen during Trump's speech?

Will there be a split screen during Trump's speech tomorrow night? One with Orange anus and the other with a hurricane/s?

I can't wait to see who Malaria plagiarizes tonight

I can't get a break

Last week I find out that the money I donated to build a Mexican wall was stolen by some asshole to buy a personal yacht. Today I learn that my religious hero, Jerry Falwell Jr., has been having a years-long gay/not gay three-way with his wife and pool boy. Iím really mad because all of this has been stealing attention from the first day of the RNC.

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