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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 09:17 AM
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Schultz is BORING, out of touch, has no real message, and is just all wallet and ego. SCREW HIM!

What an egotistical PRICK! Thinks he can run for president just because he is (or was) a billionaire coffee retailer.

Never held office.

Has no real message.

Is totally BORING.

And is now saying things like Medicare for All, which is HUGELY POPULAR, instead of ULTRA FAILED private for-profit insurance, is "Un-American."

The fuckstick said on Morning Joe that Medicare for All is a "government takeover of healthcare." What a FUCKING ASSHOLE! Total right wing talking point.

He also said he understands America and Americans but didn't know what a box of cereal costs. He's an out of touch rich boy asshole.

And he is opposed to higher taxes on the rich, like himself.

He has no base. He has NOTHING but a big ego. He is a totally unqualified billionaire who wants to demonize the two parties and then expects to go in and have them help him make great change. He's a rank amateur and an empty suit, just like The Orange Headed Asshole.

Schultz can fuck off. He spouts the same old "both sides" SHIT! He can go piss up a rope!

I am so sick to death of hearing "both sides." FUCK THAT BULLSHIT! It is ONE side and ONE side only that is rotten to its very core, and that is Trump and his GOP CULT!

If you saw the book interview where he was heckled, he went off into the same old same old SHIT about how the system is broken and we need a new choice and "both parties" are at fault, and bla bla bla.

The truth is that he's a formerly lifelong registered Dem who doesn't want to deal with a primary process, has ZERO government experience, and wants to buy the presidency. The heckler was right. He's an egotistical ASSHOLE.

Fuck him!

Sherrod Brown/Amy Klobuchar would be a very strong presidential ticket.

I like all the candidates, and its early, but I bet Klobuchar and Brown DO run as both are thinking very strongly about it.

With these two we have two midwesterners who have broad appeal. We need fresh faces in presidential politics.

We need to win in the heartland. It would be very risky to nominate an east or west coaster. Brown just won re-election comfortably in Ohio that is otherwise majority Republican right now. And he bridges social liberals with working class economic populists. His main message is all about working people, the kind of strong populist economic message that we need. And I really like Klobuchar. I put Brown at the top of the ticket because of the strong and clear working/middle class economic message and being from Ohio which is such strategic ground whereas MN is more likely already in the D column. But if we can take OH, Trump and R's are TOAST.

The Covington School MAGA-hat-wearing kids are CULT members. THAT is what people must understand.

That MAGA-hat-wearing smirking Covington School kid is a cult member, along with ALL of the MAGA-hat-wearers. This is what everyone needs to understand about these people who go so far as wear as to wear the MAGA hats and t-shirts. They are members of the Trump CULT. The Covington kids were supposed to be in D.C. for a "pro-life" demonstration. As one priest said so well, intead they "swerved out of their lane" by wearing the hats, confronting the other people there for other reasons (like the Native American Elder), and their so-called "chaperones" did NOTHING about it. The hat-wearers are CULTISTS, completely enthrawled and loyal to Trump and willing to abandon anything and everything else for their leader and what he stands for, in this case that being sheer racism. Trying to talk and reason with these cultists is most likely futile. You beat them by organizing very well politically and flooding the polls this year and especially next year and taking down their cult leader and his GOP minions at the voting booth.

While I don't agree with everything Chris Hedges says, believes, or does, most of what he says about the Trumpists being cultists and Trump being a cult leader in this video is spot on. And a lot of what he says about the underlying causes of how Trump was able to emerge as a cult leader who could win the American presidency also make a lot of sense.

Dem wins special state senate election tonight in VA! Good news!

"Breaking News: On the same night as Donald Trump's desperate speech on his government shutdown, Democrat Jennifer Boysko has been declared the WINNER of tonight's special election for the Virginia Senate!

Jennifer's blowout victory in this must-have district puts Democrats on track to end the Republican majority in the Virginia Senate, and it delivers a devastating rebuke of Trump and his allies' government shutdown debacle, which is still hurting millions of families."

Good stuff! Another special is coming up in Minnesota. Let's win that one too!

Impeachment with no chance of winning is like betting on a little league team beating the Red Sox.

To rush headlong into impeachment proceedings without MASSIVE public support and extremely clear evidence of high crimes is a ridiculous and DUMB fool's errand that will only fire up the R's, make them come out and vote in huge numbers, and hurt Dems in a big way.

We need Muelller's full report showing extremely clear evidence of VERY serious crimes. We need MASSIVE public support for it. We need some REPUBLICANS willing to support it. Remember, they have the Senate which needs a supermajority to vote for removal from office. Obviously we have NONE of this yet. And we may never have it. So let's just SLOW DOWN.

Dems were elected on healthcare, jobs, infrastructure, and education. THAT is where the FOCUS needs to be! And that is the FOCUS Nancy Pelosi is INSISTING upon and good for HER!

Trump will hang himself as he is already doing. Let him keep hanging himself. Beat him and R's AT THE VOTING BOOTH. We need to GOVERN, keep building the party, and keep WINNING ELECTIONS.



The dark cloud has passed. It is so great to be able to say GOVERNOR MILLS!

Nancy Pelosi takes the gavel and lays out the Dem agenda. Good Stuff!

Having Nancy Pelosi back was the right way to go because we need EXPERIENCE in this difficult time. She knows how to focus and work an agenda, whip votes, count votes, deal with the Republicans strongly, and deal with Trump strongly.

Here it is:
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