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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 09:17 AM
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If Traitor Don shit in his fans' mouths they would tell you it was ice cream.

If Traitor Don shit in his die hard base's mouth they would call it ice cream. They would say his farts smell like roses. IN this year's elections we can't waste time on the truly braindead.

What we can do is work to win back the independents and moderates who actually voted for this piece of shit because they wanted "change." And many did. And get back people who didn't vote at all in 2016 or voted 3rd party. Have a two-pronged message, one attack message and one affirmative message saying what we will do instead:

#1: Trump and the GOP are totally corrupt, traitorous, out to enrich their rich owners and no none else, and are out to kill your healthcare, your Medicare, your Medicaid, your Social Security, your education, and your planet.

#2: We will create good jobs for everyone everywhere the right way with middle class economics; will make sure everyone has good affordable healthcare; will make sure everyone has good affordable education; will make sure everyone has a secure retirement; will save the planet for our children and grandchildren; will make sure the Russians do not attack our elections; and will return SANITY and PATRIOTISM to a government that will belong to EVERYONE and not just the rich and powerful!!


Say it 1000 times. Say it EVERY time you refer to him in writing or verbally with ANYONE. One thing progressives need to learn to do is CLEAR, SHORT, STRONG, SIMPLE messaging.

Well, leave it to the Orange Headed Shit Bag to just dig himself in even DEEPER. HAHAHAHAH!!

He is OBVIOUSLY LYING over the "wouldn't" vs. "would" thing. Just re-watch the tape. The fucker knew just what he was saying.

He continued to insist that "many others" besides Russia were involved.

He continued to blame Obama and attack Clinton.

His is a lying piece of narcissistic SHIT who must be LOCKED UP!!

Trump STILL saying that "others" besides Russia were involved. What a piece of SHIT!

Did you hear that?

Also, continuing his whine about "no collusion" and continuing to blame Obama and attack Clinton. This was WORSE than what he did the other day with Putin.




No long speeches. No long boring explanations. ONE SIMPLE CLEAR MESSAGE.

People like Strzok and Avenatti are SO WONDERFULLY REFRESHING! Just GREAT!!

ONE reason the Dem Party lost 1000 legislative seats and every level of government and every federal branch of government is because for FAR too long FAR too many Dems have been jelly spined WEAKLINGS.

Weakness is political DEATH. Lack of clear and compelling messaging is political DEATH.

It is time for the Dem Party to re-grow its BALLS! (And I mean that metaphorically of course as I know MANY women with more BALLS than many men. I count Maxine Waters among them and Elizabeth Warren.)

Today Strzok SLAMMED those GOP ASSHOLES and so does Avenatti. Just beautiful. Enough of the pathetic weakness. Body slam these disgusting corrupt scumbag GOP assholes!

*** Also, credit to Dems on the committee who put on THEIR balls for this one and punched the GOP SCUMBAGS pretty damn hard. Good! More more more!

Kavanaugh will most likely be confirmed. It's what happens when you fail to WIN ELECTIONS.

Don't like Trump? Win elections.

Don't like a radical right wing stacked Supreme Court? Win elections.

Don't like the radical right wing controlling every level of government? Win elections.

I'm a lifelong Democrat and have burned enough shoe leather working on campaigns to sink a battleship and have burned holes in my pockets donating. But the party has run SHITTY campaigns, plain and simple, over the last several cycles. We lost every branch and level of government. 1000 state legislative seats. Why? No message. No clarity. No strength. No good leadership.

I will say it has been better in VA and NJ in 2017, with state ballot measures, and in state level special elections. But we can't just be anti-Trump going into the fall elections. Yes, beating the shit out of that foul barrel of monkey spunk polluting the White House is PART of it, but we also need a clear simple compelling affirmative message, to speak clear and strong, to be STRONG in general, and to run on an agenda that starts and ends with GOOD HIGH PAYING JOBS FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE and GOOD AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. Most people DO NOT vote on abstractions. They want something tangible for their vote, and that means the middle class American dream of a good job with good wages, healthcare security, good education and training, a decent home, a good vehicle, a vacation every year, and secure retirement. Tell people very clearly how we will make sure they have these things, and we win.

And learn the hell how to frame a message. Start by NOT saying "conservative." God I HATE that. Call them "radical right wing." That party is NOT "conservative." It is radical!

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