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LBM20's Journal
LBM20's Journal
June 30, 2018

Not happy about the Supreme Court? Thank those who didn't vote or voted 3rd party.

Elections have consequences. People were told, and told, and told, and told what would happen if this rotten thing now polluting the White House got into office. Sure, Clinton didn't run the best possible campaign and there was Russian interference and the Comey letter. Still, we had an obvious monster running for President of the U.S. and we had Clinton, a well qualified and sane candidate. And still MILLIONS voted for Johnson and Stein, and millions more who voted for Obama didn't even vote at all.

Elections have consequences folks. Elections have consequences.

So, the most important thing now is to get very active for the midterm elections and vote out as many Republicans as possible at every level of government. CRUSH that party at the voting booth. That's what we have to do. Simple as that.

In Maine in 2016 we passed a referendum initiative for Ranked Choice Instant Runoff Voting (RCV). The establishment in the legislature (overwhelmingly the Republicans) attacked it along with several other of our progressive referendums. They even passed a disgusting bill to essentially repeal it (again, mostly done by the Republicans but with a few Democratic establishment enablers). So what did we do? In the middle of a freezing winter last winter we gathered 80,000 signatures and put it back on the ballot freezing the repeal bill so we could use RCV in the June 12th primaries which we did with great success and we killed the repeal bill and voted to keep RCV in place. Political action works folks. Do it. I have been right in the thick of it and will be again in the fall elections making calls, knocking on doors, and making small donations. Get involved and bring people with you.

June 28, 2018

ALL the lessons of the Trump debacle and more:

* There were many reasons Trump was elected. One thing is that people just wanted change and saw Clinton as the establishment status quo. Certainly much more qualified than the idiot Trump, but that is one very important fundamental thing.

* Hillary ran a B campaign instead of an A campaign. Should have campaigned in WI, MI, northern ME, etc. Also, lackluster delivery and not strong enough on the economy and other bread and butter issues. (She did talk about these, just not forcefully enough.)

* Even if Hillary was not the greatest candidate on the trail, there was NO excuse for staying home or voting third party. NONE. People who did that OWN this f-ing mess as much as anyone. The stakes were obvious and monumental. Those who didn't vote for Hillary are now suffering the consequences and have ZERO right to bitch about it. Next time, vote and vote CORRECTLY.

* Of course Russian interference and the Comey letter played a large role in this mess. What unjust SHIT that was.

* Today, the Dem establishment needs to get in tune and get in touch. The rank and file on our side is rightfully ANGRY and the establishment needs to acknowledge and echo that anger and frustration. Yes, the MOST important thing we need to do is organize to win elections and this time with a strong CLEAR message on the issues. And we need our candidates and political leaders to speak LOUD and with GUTS. In fact on JOBS, HEALTHCARE, COLLEGE COSTS, WAGES, POLITICAL POPULISM, etc. we CAN both energize our base AND win back some of the Trump voters who switched from Obama to Trump on the bread and butter issues. (No, we won't win them all back, but we can win some back.) We also broaden our base on these issues when spoken forcefully with conviction.

* We SHOULD be out there demonstrating, and civilly but strongly confronting the right wing slimebags who work for Trump, Trump himself, and all right wing slimebag asshats in person, social media, and all the rest. NO MORE MR. or MRS. Nice Guy and Nice Gal. Where the hell has that gotten us? Oh, it's fine for THEM to call Obama a communist Muslim from Kenya, and fine for the TeaPublicans to shout and scream at us including their racist shit, and fine for the idiot Trump to threaten violence and be a racist, and fine for them to implement their rotten policies, etc. etc. but it is not ok for our side to fight back on issues like children being seperated from parents? Why do WE always have to the "better person"? It has gotten us NOWHERE. It is time SHOUT DOWN these rotten right wing fuckwads! I am not talking about hurting anyone, but to confront a TrumpHumper in a restaurant and chant SHAME SHAME SHAME is GOOD! MORE MORE MORE!! And go to rallies, and organize, and VOTE and take ten people with you. We want our leaders and candidates to be TOUGH and FIRED UP. In other words, GROW SOME DAMN BALLS AND FIGHT!

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