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Takeways from Montana

1) Quist is a very nice guy with a folksy style, but I watched one of the debates and he just wasn't a very good speaker and looked like an amateur which for politics, he was. I really like him, but he just wasn't very qualified for the position. Dems need to have strong candidates in every race. *** Quist should run for local office. He'd do great on a local town council or maybe in the state legislature. He overshot this one.

2) The national Dems should have come in stronger and sooner. Quist raised a lot of money but it was too late. He got WAY outspent. The national Dems, once and for all, need to compete hard everywhere. They did finally come in, but should have done so much sooner.

3) There is some good news as to the vote shift of sorts. Drumpf won Montana by 23 points and this race was just about a 7 point difference. This is real vote shift progress.

4) Republicans are rabid and will vote for the devil if he has an R by his name. They have no boundaries. They just voted for an unhinged asshole who is going to start his term by going to court for assault. But this is where the R party is. They are rotten, and we can not and must not play nice with them.
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