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Voting is EASY! There is absolutely no excuse for not voting. Don't vote? Then don't complain.

Are you also sick of the excuses people give for not voting? "My vote doesn't matter." "I don't have time." "I don't trust them." On and on and on.

The first time I voted I was in South Korea in the service. Sent in for an absentee ballot. Got it. Did it. Sent it back. Not hard! When out of state for college, stopped by my town hall before heading off to school. Put in for an absentee ballot. Took five minutes or less. Voted from college by mail. Done. Simple. (People can also register at college in your college town. Your choice.) People can register at their city hall or DMV office. You can apply for an absentee ballot online. There is also in-person early voting in the majority of states. In my state of Maine, voting has now been going on for weeks. My spouse and I have already voted. Anyone can do an absentee ballot through the mail or in person at your city hall. Some places also have polls open for special in-person early voting for the week before Nov. 6th. In my state you can also register and vote on election day. Other states also have this.

If there is time for using electronic devices for endless hours, video gaming, etc. etc. then there is plenty of time to vote. Need a ride? Use public transportation or find a ride if needed. There is always a way. Also, on election day rides are provided.

Don't think your vote counts? Trump won by 77,000 votes. IT COUNTS. GET OVER THAT!

Don't trust parties or politicians? Don't think they are doing enough of what you want? Then vote for the best of the lot in your view. And go one step further and campaign. BUT, don't expect a perfect world. And you can't fix something by simply avoiding it.

If people don't vote, there is absolutely no right to complain. Period.



I know many of our candidates are saying much of this, but we do need a clear over-arching national message that resonates and inspires. (Bernie has been saying this which is good. Others too.) This is what Dems all over the place need to be saying. Clear. Strong. A referendum on Trump and Republicans is what midterms are, and you need a unifying call to arms.

(Do gotta be careful in some areas though, because we need to win in some red areas too, so Trump bashing doesn't work as well there.)

Now, all this SHIT that we are messageless is NOT TRUE, and our candidates and teams are out there working the ground HARD because I am doing so myself to help our local candidates. Our candidates are talking the bread and butter issues with healthcare up front.

But with McConnell just having said that they are going after Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to pay off their massive debt from their failed tax scheme, WE NEED TO USE THAT!!

Need a strong clear unifying inspiring resonating message in the endgame and something to say to people when we help campaign and why we need friends and family to GO VOTE!!

Bernie rally in MI: "No more complaining. No more despair. Stand up and VOTE."

(Go to about 5 minutes in.)

Bernie is great at this GOTV. He says it plain and right. NO EXCUSES! GO VOTE.

And people want to "Take the high road." with this pile of GOP SUBHUMAN GARBAGE? See link:

Here is today's evil and rotten to the very core GOP in action. This is what these evil rotten pieces of rancid
infected subhuman garbage and sickening piles of SHIT are like.

They need to be smashed to pieces VERBALLY and at the polls. They are evil SCUM and nothing more.

And their local party leader is right in the lead of these subhuman pieces of shit. Sickening.


Elizabeth Warren debate NOW. SHE IS ON FIRE!! Link here:


Can we please dispense with the Debbie Downerism about how "we'll lose due to cheating."

Yes, this is a concern in some places. Yes, there have already been some ReSCUMlican dirty tricks in GA and ND. BUT, let's please stop saying "We are going to lose! We are going to lose!..." due to cheating. We all know we have seen it time and again from some on this forum. It's needless, useless stuff. I'm sure most of us don't want to hear that negative crap.

For one thing, there are lawyers fighting these things right now. Next, it has only made Dems want to vote MORE. They are fighting in those places with great resolve and determination. Early voting is WAY up, for example, in GA. Dems are excited and want to vote.

Also, we will have poll watchers and lawyers and hotlines dispatched all over the country on election day.

Enough of the Debby Downer bad self-fulfilling prophecies. It is only code language for "Don't bother voting, we will lose anyway." No place for it. We do not need it. We can take the US House and state and local level races all over the map and maybe even the US Senate.

Just go vote. And take friends and family. And donate. Even $5 helps. And phonebank, and knock doors, and text message, and use social media to urge like-minded friends and family to go vote. Do lit drops. Put up signs. Every little bit helps.

I have been driving for a local candidate so she can more easily knock doors. I also have putting out literature, putting out signs, and I just made some more small donations today to the state party, governor candidate, and US House candidate. And I voted early a week ago.

Now let's win elections in a big way this cycle!

Avenatti shows us just how to deal with Trump and ANY bully: SMASH THEM DOWN HARDER! And GOOD!

Avenatti is such a breath of fresh air. Dems/Progressives have got to stop allowing GOP thugs like Trump and all the rest to walk all over them. There is no playing nicey-nice with bullies. There is no "being the better person" with them. Because they feed on domination and cruelty. There is no reforming them. There is no talking to them and reasoning with them. They perceive that as total surrender. If you don't smash them down, they will just continue to attack and violate you. In fact, they will get worse. The only way to stop a physical bully out in the world is to hit back even harder. (I have a good friend who was being taunted and physically threatened by a big bully co-worker. Let me just say that he finally had enough and ended the problem on the construction site with a two-by-four wooden plank. THE BULLY WAS DONE! END OF PROBLEM!)

The ONLY way to deal with nasty bullies is to SMASH THEM HARDER! It is ALL they will EVER understand. And that is just what Avenatti said so well and so truthfully on CNN yesterday. And then he wonderfully proceeded to repeatedly call Trump a "disgrace" and also a "moron." And Stormy Daniels called Trump "tiny" and said he was into "beastiality" and it was "game on". Good. MORE MORE MORE.

Want to make Traitor Don's ears steam? Want to push him into a coronary? Want to drive his cultist followers nuts? Call him a BABY DONNIE and say it 1000 times. He has confessed that the baby name is what steams him up the most. Drive it right at him and them all the time.

And it is SO fitting. He IS certainly the ultimate MAN BABY.


Can we kindly please end the useless talk about 2020 and, um, win on Nov. 6th.

Enough of the silly talk about 2020. Let's please, um, uh, concentrate on Nov. 6th. Make sense?

Sick and tired of the LAME and PATHETIC excuses for not voting. Don't vote? Then don't BITCH!

Enough of the excuses. It is BULLSHIT. Young people and whomever else need to quit this sickening, sad, pathetic and totally inexcusable apathy, get off their asses, and go and VOTE. If that rotten piece of SHIT in the White House can't motivate them, then to heck with them. They absolutely deserve the SHIT they get.

MANY states have early voting in various forms. In Maine I have already voted. Put in for a mail-in ballot with a one-minute online form. They sent it to me. I filled it out in my kitchen. Sent it back in. DONE. SIMPLE. People here can also go vote early at their town/city halls from now to election day, and some places also have special early voting days at large community centers.

Even if you vote on election day, there are rides to the polls. Polls stay open until 7 or 8pm. Plenty of time. You can take kids. Or have someone watch the kids for a little while as you go vote.

Registering to vote is not hard. Know the deadlines and just stop by your town or city hall or DMV. Some states like Maine have same-day voter registration and voting. If there are any glitches, there are provisional ballots.

Not hard. ZERO excuses. I voted absentee overseas in the service arting at age 19 and then absetee when out of state all through college and grad school. NOT HARD.

Women's March to the Polls. Exactly what needs to be done! Inspiring! More! Video Here:

Can't just protest. Gotta MARCH TO THE POLLS. Voting is what really matters! Take this national! More more more!

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