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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 09:17 AM
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GOTV and VOTE. If we do this, we will BIGLY kick the GOP's ass next week!

I am all signed up for two GOTV shifts in the days before the election. In the meantime I've driven a local candidate to do doors, dropped lit, put up signs, made donations, and voted early.

Donny Rotten's numbers are in the tank.

538 has us at an 85% chance of taking the House. We can also do very well in state and local races.

Women are for us BIGTIME.

Millenials are for us BIGTIME.

So many other groups in the coalition are with US.

Just gotta get everyone to go vote.

Do that, and after next Tuesday the GOP is going to feel like it has just been fucked by a freight train.

Concerning concerns, I'm concerned about the concerns.

Just go vote and quit the wasted energy "concerning". Go vote. GOTV. Take friends.

So was this homegrown Nazi terrorist one of the "Nice People" that Donny Rotten talked about?

Not sure if this shooter was an actual member of the Nazis or a KKKer, and we are hearing he actually thinks Donny Rotten isn't rotten enough, but he is certainly an ultra-radical anti-semite and an evil racist according to his tweets which have been posted. Like those people Donny Rotten once said were "Nice People" carrying torches in VA.

What are people hearing?

What are you doing to help GOTV in your area? It is ALL about TURNOUT.

I am working two GOTV shifts on the weekend before the election and on election day after work in my town.

Also am helping to organize a POWER TO THE PEOPLE MARCH TO THE POLLS event for early voting Nov. 1st.

I have already put up signs, dropped literature, made donations, and driven twice for a state senate candidate so she can more easily knock doors.

Every little bit helps. GOTV.

I will NOT stop saying that Donny Rotten is Rotten, Horrid, Wretched, Disgraceful, and DEPLORABLE!

No. There is NO comparing Donny Rotten to people who are calling HIM out for being rotten. You never, never, never give in to rotten horrid evil bastards by "Taking the High Road." If you do that, they get worse, not better.
Avenatti is correct on this. You take down a bully by hitting him HARDER. You get on offense and STAY on offense.

I don't like shouting down people in restaurants or other public places. And VOTING is the most important thing.

But you CONFRONT people like McCarthy, Duke, Nixon, and Donny Rotten and you TAKE THEM ON! You give them no quarter!

You don't do violence. You don't incite others to do violence. But you go after them rhetorically and politically very hard.

Rotten evil Bullies like McCarthy were ALLOWED to exist. NO MORE! NEVER AGAIN!

Why are the Dems doing so well in FL? I have ideas, but can others please enlighten me.

It seems:

1) People there may just be ready for a change in Gov. and tired of Scott so don't want him for Sen.

2) People really like Gillum. The guy just seems so genuine and likable. Kind of an Obama type figure who appeals across all lines and is able to put together an Obama-type coalition.

3) The red tide thing is hurting Scott and the R's.

4) Healthcare is huge in FL, and we are winning big on that issue.

5) Climate change. We believe in it, and people are finally seeing it's bad effects. The tide, no pun intended, is really turning our way on that issue which is huge for FL.

Anything else?


Nothing more need be said. This is where we are. Anyone surprised? Of course it would come to this.

They stoke hate and violence. It's what they are!

Can the Debbie Downers please END the ridiculous Debbie Downer posts. My god. ENOUGH.

We are on the brink of winning back the US House and doing very well at every level all over the country. Anyone who insists on ridiculous and ultra-foolish Debbie Downerism needs to find somewhere else to Debbie Downer. We don't need it here.

Just vote, take people with you, and GOTV.




I will give this to Donny Rotten. He understands the right wing brain.

Donny Rotten is an idiot in many ways, but he does understand the right wing brain and how to fire it up. First, these lizard brains operate entirely on FEAR. They fear people of color getting jobs and power and becoming the majority in this nation. They hug their guns because they fear invaders and that someone is going to take their guns away. They fear women getting some power. They fear people coming after white men. They are largely racist and sexist because of FEAR. I once had a right wing co-worker who used to talk about Muslims saying "They want to kills us." For them it is all about fear. They drink up lies and conspiracy theories. They also like SIMPLE language and very SIMPLE messaging. They also love "tough talk" and the "strict father" style of leader. They also admire someone who "Says what he thinks, everyone else be damned." They eat this shit like CANDY.

And if Donny Rotten shit in their mouths, they would call it ice cream.

I will say this though, we need every Democrat talking to our side's fears, first and foremost that Donny Rotten, Turtle McConnell, and the ReTHUGliCONS are "Coming after our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid."

And like Bernie, we also can't be afraid to go VERY TOUGH and call Donny Rotten a "Pathological Liar" at every turn. Also, hit the RePUKES HARD on their corruption, their attempts to kill healthcare, and their massive tax giveaway to the rich.

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