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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 09:17 AM
Number of posts: 1,580

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Everything BAD that has happened with Trump and R's is the great wake-up call to Dems.

Massive corruption in the executive cabinet and the Congress. Endless attacks on the Affordable Care Act. Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. A massive trickle down tax scheme giveaway to the rich and super rich that will result in an all out assault on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Net neutrality killed. A certifiable national embarrassment freak in the White House.


We had a good election day this year and many good special elections which is great. But we can't only be the anti-Trump party. We need to be the PRO-MIDDLE CLASS PARTY! We need an AMERICAN DREAM JOBS MESSAGE that will resonate with working and middle class people EVERYWHERE, not just in the cities and big suburbs.

We must fix OURSELVES first, ORGANIZE well, get out and VOTE, and WIN ELECTIONS! If we do the right things, 2018 will be a big year for us. But it is not a given. But we must DO THE RIGHT THINGS. And that means continue to the fix the party, run strong candidates, have a clear strong positive economic message, AND attack the living hell out of Trump and the FAILED Republicans.


22,000 Write-Ins in the Jones/Moore race. This was a HUGE factor. People left Moore.

HUGE credit to Jones and his and his team's GOTV effort, AA turnout, Dem turnout, Indies who voted for Jones, young voters, and even some R crossovers. But we must also recognize that this was mainly about Moore and his scandal. Many people who voted for Jones were voting AGAINST Moore, and if it had been a more normal Republican candidate, the R's would have won hands down in this very red state. Alabamans have pride, and Moore was just too toxic. Too much of an embarrassment even for them. Pretty SAD he still nearly won. And a major reason Jones won was that people left Moore (but didn't go to Jones either). So they did a write-in.

So one big takeaway for Alabama is they have said (though barely) that candidates with this kind of sexual perversion scandal can not be in office. And that is a good thing.

What do you think the Orange Headed Shit Bag is going to tweet about this?

I bet he tweets: "Fake voters! Fake voters! Fake voters! ..."

AL Takeaways: 1) Compete EVERYWHERE in ALL 50 STATES! 2) Trump LOSES. Ha ha ha ha ha...! And,

3) Getting out and VOTING works! Always do it!

4) Have good candidates and strong campaigns with strong compelling MESSAGING.



It should've never been anywhere near this close, but THANKS to those in AL who made this happen.

Thanks so much for Dems, Indies, and crossover R's. Thanks especially to women and African Americans who came out HEAVY for Jones. Decency prevailed tonight. And getting out and voting prevailed. That is what people need to do all the time.

And to those Republicans who stuck with Moore even with all his rottenness, evil, perversion, and insanity, for SHAME. It is time to get into sanity and into the 21st century.

And this is a YUGE loss for Herr Trumpenstein, aka that THING polluting the people's White House. In your face ASSHOLE!

PS: And I was happy to send Doug Jones a donation. Thanks to everyone in AL and around the country who pitched in.

The rush to judgement on Franken has BACKFIRED causing more problems in the party. DUMB CALL!

What a DUMB call Gillibrand and others made with their DUMB rush to judgement and lynch mobbing of Franken! Here is the great lesson: TAKE EACH SITUATION SEPARATELY AND STOP RUSHING TO JUDGEMENT!! Because here is what she and they have done:

1) Abandoned the great democratic principle of due process.

2) Allowed shady and WEAK allegations to pass for strong and credible allegations.

3) Allowed the EVIL of FALSE EQUIVALENCY to win the day. (Franken is NOT Trump and sure as hell is NOT Moore.)

4) Disregarded the STRONG EVIDENCE of some 20 women who worked with Franken for years and said he was NOT a sexual harasser and allowed that to get trumped (pun intended) by a some very weak allegations by confirmed right wingers.

5) Diminished REAL and CREDIBLE sexual harassment allegations.

6) Allowed a noble goal to degenerate into mob mentality.

7) Set up ANYONE who has ever done anything with a hint of off-coloredness many years ago to be labeled a sexual harasser who must be fired. Who the hell has ever led a perfect life? Who can pass this test?

8) Has now made it MANDATORY that they stand in front the cameras VERY SOON and strongly call for the resignation of Donald Trump, Roy Moore if he is elected, Clarence Thomas, and ANYONE on that side who now or in the past has been accused of sexual harassment or impropriety. And if they don't, then they become mega-hypocrites and weaklings. So we shall see on this one.

Bad call! What they could have done instead was stand in front of the cameras, said they don't tolerate sexual abuse or harassment, and said they would have a full ethics committee investigation which Franken has agreed to and if he is found in serious violation there would be consequences. Also say everyone gets due process and every situation is different. That is what they could have done. Instead, they went the lynchmob route and pissed off much their base in a big way causing needless gender divisions and other divisions in the party when we otherwise all agree that sexual abuse and harassment is very wrong and needs to be confronted. Fine. But then again, each situation is to be taken fairly and separately and not allowed to be swept down the rabbit hole of media frenzy and mob mentality. STUPID!

Here is why the political lynchmobbing of Al Franken set such a rotten precedent:

1) Because it was in fact a political lynchmobbing without due process and with rushes to judgement on damn THIN evidence.

2) Because it diminishes REAL sexual harassment and abuse. (The one about "he touched my waist the wrong way" during a photo op right in front of people is the ULTIMATE BULLSHIT one. It simply takes the cake as ultra-petty NONSENSE!)

3) Because now the Dems have set an ultra-purity standard that few human beings can meet. Give me an adult, ANYONE, who has never said something a bit off color or has never done something many years ago that was a bit off color (but not that serious)? I bet even Gillibrand can't pass that test!

4) Because it just proved to the Republican attack machine that their SHIT works and now MORE is coming.

Sexual abuse and harassment is unacceptable. But there are DEGREES of off color behavior, and not every incident in the course of life deserves harsh punishment. And not every accuser is credible. And not every accusation has merit. And there must always be real due process, not conviction by media HYPE which is just what happened with Franken.

The Dems in the Congress have decided to go down a DANGEROUS rabbit hole. It was a DUMB move! And it was a WRONG move.

SHAME on the Dems for this one! SHAME!

Now EVERY TIME a Trump-Humping Republican hitjob comes along, Dems will SHOOT THEIR OWN IMMEDIATELY.

Good job Senate Dems. Good job. All you are doing is helping the ReSCUMlicans perpetrate immediate and successful bullshit hitjobs on YOURSELVES. You must be so proud. They are LAUGHING AT YOU. Their pussy grabber has the White House. They are about to put a child rapist in the Senate. And you just got PUNKED BIGTIME by getting rid of one of your best on BULLSHIT NONSENSE allegations from TrumpLoving right wing pukes. Way to go Dems. And you wonder why the party has been RIPPED TO SHREDS. And this is going to continue as long as you continue to be jelly spined weaklings on a mega-quest to be ultra-politically correct. You are afraid of your own shadow. It is a wonder you dare to sneeze or cut a fart. OH MY, YOU MIGHT JUST OFFEND SOMEONE!! Better stick corks in your nostrils and your ass so you don't dare offend anyone.

The Franken matter is a classic example of why Democrats lose and lose and lose and lose and lose...

Trump brags on tape about "grabbing pussy" and gets elected. 20 or so accusers on record. All is forgotten. No calls to resign. No calls for investigations. Roy Moore is a child rapist, and he may very well get elected. He is endorsed, and they stand by him. And it goes on and on. But Franken, accused by shady Republican Trump supporters obviously on a hitjob mission and who are obviously making BULLSHIT claims from MANY years ago over photo ops WITH PEOPLE RIGHT THERE, and the Dems line up to execute one of their own without an investigation and with SHIT evidence. Guilty until proven innocent and hellbent on being ultra-politically correct. It is political SUICIDE. And they keep committing it. No backbone. Sheer and absolute WEAKNESS. Period!

The Dems, MY OWN PARTY, are simply hellbent on proving how SPINELESS they are at every god damned turn! It just SICKENING! Enough to make me want to VOMIT.


Today is a DAY OF ACTION on the effort to get the signatures for the people's veto to restore Ranked Choice Voting. If you have already signed up, I hope you are out there getting signatures and will help today. If everyone who has signed up to help gets just 25 signatures, then this is DONE. The goal is to have it done in the next two weeks.

Here is a link for county level team captains who can be contacted and all the info you need to sign up:


People can get signatures by asking family and friends, can go door to door, or stand in busy areas like post office parking lots, or on sidewalks (public areas are best) near busy events or shopping areas, etc.

About 1500 of us have signed up to help. I myself am more than halfway to my 25 signatures. I plan to go out this weekend and get the rest.

Again, if everyone just gets 25 signatures, then we are FINISHED.

Let's get this DONE in the next two weeks. WE CAN DO IT.

Imagine that if we do this, then in June with the VERY CROWDED governor primary election we can have Ranked Choice Voting. WE NEED THIS. Thanks.
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