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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 09:17 AM
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Kav likely confirmed BUT it will only drive more people to PUNISH the GOP.

Listen folks, we all knew Kav would probably be confirmed even though he proved himself in that hearing temperamentally unfit let alone the dark clouds over his past.

Also remember that if Kav didn't get confirmed, they'd just put in another radical right wing asshole just not with so much baggage nor such a disgusting temperament.

So fine. confirm the asshole. And guess what, the GOP was already going to get punished in November. Now it is just going to get worse.

Significantly more people DO NOT want Kav than do want him.

The GOP was already down 20 points with women. Now that just gets worse for them. Also, they were down with Indies. Now that also just gets worse.

GOP enthusiasm is up? Well guess what. Our enthusiasm was ALREADY WAY UP and now the desire to vote and PUNISH the GOP only increases in a BIG way.


A needed dose of humor! Must see!:

Only in Maine! (I'd like to send a ton of the raw material to every Republican in the country with a note saying "Insert Head In Pile."


Lots of misunderstanding around here about what Michael Moore is doing.

I have never agreed with everything Michael Moore says, but he is an unabashed progressive who has most always supported Democrats, wants the Democrats to win in November and is saying so LOUDLY AND CLEARLY, and hates Trump to his very core. He was out there protesting over Trump's Muslim ban and has fought very hard for progressive causes for decades.

The circular firing squad among progressives/Dems needs to be killed dead once and for all. Moore is out there right now, so importantly, telling EVERYONE on our side to get the heck out in November and VOTE VOTE VOTE as though our lives depend on it.

Moore was one of the few correct in predicting Trump's inside-straight win in 2016 because he understood the deep anger and frustration of so many in the heartland. He is now warning loud and clear about the serious danger of Trump to our very democracy and that we need to get up off the couch, get the hell involved, and behave AS THOUGH we are going to lose IN ORDER TO PREVENT THAT VERY THING. He WANTS US TO WIN and WIN BIG! He has said over and over again that he wants a massive blue wave and for the non-voters to vote, and for women and young people and people of color to vote in record numbers in order to totally wipe out the GOP in November. And he is 1000% right.

So don't misunderstand when he says "Act is if we are going to lose." because he just means Act With A Sense Of Ultimate Urgency And Purpose. Do Not Sit Out! Get Involved! Go Campaign! Donate! And VOTE VOTE VOTE.

This is what Michael Moore is clearly saying, and it is very good. It is one more strong voice saying what needs to be said RIGHT NOW. In fact, he is saying not to be thinking about 2020. NOVEMBER IS THE ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME! VOTE VOTE VOTE! This is what he is saying. And he is entirely correct! We can't say it enough.

Avenatti shows us how to take on these right wing fucknuts on Fox News, etc.

Avenatti is AWESOME! He is EXACTLY what EVERY Democrat needs to be! He puts the shit HARD to these right wing assholes. He is a FIGHTER with GUTS. Just watch the video of his interview with FUCKER Carlson. Ddamn good.

One of the major problems at the very top of the list with Democrats is that too many of them have been way too COWARDLY, JELLY SPINED, and just plain WEAK.

Politics is WAR. Plain and simple. And it has been refreshing to finally see more Dems finally growing a spine and attacking the RePUKES and that FREAK who is polluting the White House.

FDR, Truman, JFK, and Clinton knew/know how to fight. Sadly, in recent years Dems forgot how to fight.

Get on offense and stay on offense! Bloody their fucking eyeballs. SMASH them DOWN hard. Take no prisoners.

Kavanaugh is what happens when people don't vote or vote STUPIDLY like for Stein or Johnson.

Protests don't matter to the right wing. They don't give a flying fuck about protests. You can protest until your tongue falls off. People need to stop wasting time protesting and VOTE every time the correct fucking way!

There were many reasons Clinton lost in 2016. Shitty Dem campaigning for way too many years. Failure to build the party. Failure to have a message. Failure to fight in too many cases. Shitty DNC. Bernie Bros. Comey letter. Russia. Etc. All true. But the pure fact is that if as many who voted in the Obama elections had voted in 2016 and if the goofballs hadn't wasted their votes on Shit Heads like Stein and Johnson, Clinton would have won and this fucking mess wouldn't have happened. I will give this to the Right Wingers: They FIGHT! They play HARDBALL. They don't give a rat's ass about anything but power. They know how to get it and how to use it and how to keep it.

And once and for all Dems better learn how to campaign again, learn how to take power again, grow a pair of cast iron BALLS again (meaning GUTS), and learn how the fuck to FIGHT again HARD on OFFENSE. And our all of our rank and file better learn how to VOTE again EVERY TIME and the correct damn way!

Kavanaugh will most likely be confirmed and we're fucked because of it.

So, to those who sat out for voted for that shit head Stein, are you happy now?

Today's GOP is not "conservative." That word is DEAD. It is Traitor Don's Radical Right Wing CULT.

The term "conservative" should never, ever be used to describe today's GOP. It is a radical right wing CULT. It is Traitor Don's CULT.

Dems/Progressives, as Michael Avenatti says SO well, must learn to BODY SLAM these RESCUMLICON CULTISTS always, every time, relentlessly, and absolutely. Jelly Spined Weakness must be killed dead once and for all. Get on offense and stay there! Attack them relentlessly. Destroy them in November!

Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

And I'm not talking about Manafort and Cohen. They're already screwed. Ya'll know who I AM talking about.

Latest Photo of Giuliani. Must see link!

SEE LINK: https://www.biography.com/people/max-schreck--20693551

As Obama said, GO VOTE! (Although I say it is GOOD to get mad. But being mad isn't enough. VOTE!)

There are sooooooo many posts about how rotten and horrible Traitor Don is. And he is. He is rotten to the very core. But the cure is VOTING. Go vote, and take as many people with you as possible. And campaign. Even a half hour here or there phonebanking, and it can often be done from home. And make small donations. And write letters to the editor. And talk to friends, family, and neighbors in all ways (personal discussions, social media, whatever).

There are many reasons why we are in the mess we are in. Sure the Dems should have done MUCH better campaigning in recent cycles. Sure Hillary's campaign needed to do better. Sure Russia, sure Comey Letter, sure third party candidates, sure the media normalizing Trump... BUT, one of the biggest reasons this scumbag won was because too many people DID NOT VOTE. Simple as that. They decided the asshole could not elected so just stayed home, or because Obama was not on the ballot they stayed home, and some just stayed home because they falsely were convinced that Hillary was "just as bad." Now we are paying the price in a huge way.

So, tell people not to complain. Go VOTE! And vote for DEMOCRATS UP AND DOWN THE TICKET! And take ten people with you.

Obama said it best after our big victories last fall in VA, NJ, and elsewhere: "This is what happens when you go and vote!"

If Traitor Don shit in his fans' mouths they would tell you it was ice cream.

If Traitor Don shit in his die hard base's mouth they would call it ice cream. They would say his farts smell like roses. IN this year's elections we can't waste time on the truly braindead.

What we can do is work to win back the independents and moderates who actually voted for this piece of shit because they wanted "change." And many did. And get back people who didn't vote at all in 2016 or voted 3rd party. Have a two-pronged message, one attack message and one affirmative message saying what we will do instead:

#1: Trump and the GOP are totally corrupt, traitorous, out to enrich their rich owners and no none else, and are out to kill your healthcare, your Medicare, your Medicaid, your Social Security, your education, and your planet.

#2: We will create good jobs for everyone everywhere the right way with middle class economics; will make sure everyone has good affordable healthcare; will make sure everyone has good affordable education; will make sure everyone has a secure retirement; will save the planet for our children and grandchildren; will make sure the Russians do not attack our elections; and will return SANITY and PATRIOTISM to a government that will belong to EVERYONE and not just the rich and powerful!!

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