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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,106

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Well Hell

Definitely got exposed to covid yesterday. Can't get tested yet. Guess I will just sit here and pound sand for a bit.

FFS! We are 10 months into this shit and there is no standard operating procedure on what to do!

I am glad I have DU because I know I can get good instruction here.
I don't trust my Trumper employers who took 5 months to supply masks and even longer to supply sanitizer. They will not allow us to enforce mask wearing at our location. But you can bet that they enforce it in the home store where they stay. We don't even have those plexiglass barriers up on our countertops.

How can something be avoidable and inevitable at the same time? Life in Trumpland.
It sucks.


I am pissed. I have not seen my grandchildren for 8 months and now Christmas is probably out.

These fascist ass clowns think they are pissed about the election? Nonono. They are nothing. If pissed was people, I'd be China.

I really hope you all are having a better day than I am.

Counting Crows Great inclusive HGBLT+ Song and video

Food poisoning gave me the Isaac Newtons

Each time I vomited, my bowels would erupt.

This demonstrated Newton's 3rd law, which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Hence, I had the Isaac Newtons.

Science is everywhere.

Ridiculous Trump Rambo flag

I hate it. It makes a mockery of every soldier's sacrifice and service to our great nation.

The Soviet style rocket propelled grenade really stands out.

How about an x
ray of bone spurs super imposed over a Russian flag or a hammer and sickle rag? It would be more accurate.

My grandfather would have beat the living shit out of any number of MAGAts.
Miss you paw paw. It isn't legal to hunt them yet. But I am standing back and standing by. Two can play that game.

Beck... Loser. To Trump

If video games make children violent,

How come it's so easy to beat the shit out of them?


Who is the first Irishman to emerge in the spring?

Paddy O' Furniture.

I will see myself out.


Long have we heard rumors and back room whisperings of Hidden Worlds, tales of wonder and magicks beyond the ken of ordinary men! From Atlantis and Lemuria to UFOS and Bigfoot...we have pondered them all in our circle of fire light; wondering how and if these things could ever be true.

Well, tonight, I bring the open minded absolute proof that these things are indeed possible and that dimensions alongside ours are very real. You will know that your imaginings are real and your soul will be liberated in the knowledge that you were right all along. Draw your children close as joyful tears of enlightenment run from your eyes!

As for those who greet my revelation with the arched brow of skepticism, well bless their hearts, for THEY SHALL HAVE NOTHING!!!

Follow along as I prove my claims. It is repeatable and anyone can do it.

1: Procure a booger from your own or a volunteer's nostril.

2: Roll the booger between your forefinger and thumb until it is dense and sticky and gently adheres to the pad of your thumb.

3: Using your forefinger, flick the compressed booger into the largest open space before you.

It is gone! You will never see it or find it again! I surmise that it has left our earthly realm and entered the Shadow World from which all our mysteries arise!

There you go. Proof positive of the Hidden World!

Oh..Don't thank me. Just be grateful that you got to feel the warmth of my aura upon your wonderstruck face!

Thanks for 4 years of support and sanity DU. Here's to 4 more in better times.

I really wanted to use my 999th post to promote my paradigm shifting 1000th post.

But here we are. President Shit Goblin praises the positivity rate in the US as a good thing. In doing so he dismisses the deaths of nearly one half million Americans as the cost of doing business.

I am never one to wish ill upon my enemies, even when they tried to kill me over there, I got it. I would do the same if the roles were reversed.

But this...this...this... piece of shit self sucking imbecilic mother fucking titty sucking two balled (allegedly) bitch takes the goddamned cake.

I hope he dies.

For all the families out there who have lost sons, daughters, aunts, uncles brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, great grandparents, cousins... let him die. His so called family will not care. But goddammit the rest of us need some karmic justice and closure.

May he drown in his own respiratory effluvium.

Soon I will reach my 1000th post.

This is a real achievement for me, usually at about 200 posts on message boards I call someone important a self sucking turd swallower and get banned. I don't know if I have matured or if you all are really nice (as a dem living in a deep red area, my hairy knuckles sometimes drag the ground) but I appreciate your patience and understanding.

For my 1000th post I reveal absolute proof of the Hidden World! You can do the experiment at home! Tune in and be amazed!
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