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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,096

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I just polished off the last of the lemon meringue pie from Thanksgiving

I made it from scratch and it was lovely. I told everyone it didn't come out right so I could have it all to myself. I have no regrets. That's what these ungrateful Philistines get for not even trying my giant stuffed pasta shells!

Katy Perry vs. Trump

You can turn down the sound and watch Katy Perry "sing" for hours.. Trump, not so much

Seriously, mute it and watch Trump. Still gross.

I could use a little commiseration.

The last words I will likely ever say to my mom were. "Mom. Biden clearly won." She has blocked me on everything, including my work number. She would not even talk to me through my children on Thanksgiving, (well she did tell my daughter to tell me to shit and fall back in it)

I have worked hard far the past decade trying to forgive her and move forward, past all the neglect, hunger, abuse, poverty and danger that she exposed me and my sister to as children. I have tried to love her despite her embarrassingly vocal racism and other cringeworthy behavior. All gone because of one statement of fact. I know it is her loss, but finding a path to forgiveness and healing was very important to me for my own wellbeing.

The jokes on her. I still love her. And forgiving her for this is small potatoes compared to many other things. Ha. Did you ever think passive aggressive forgiveness was a thing? I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am going to take a walk. Allergies are making my eyes water. Or something.

Ke$sha ain't Dolly Parton

But I think she's awesome.

She has a podcast about ghosts. She had Alice Cooper as a guest and she made him look like the normal one. Spoiler alert.... she totally banged a ghost everybody!

I think it's all tongue in cheek I think. She is twice as smart as anyone here. Except for Mineral Man. He is almost as smart as everyone says he thinks he is. Sorry MM. It comes from a place of awe and admiration.

Anyway, she is pretty, smart, funny, talented, hangs with the Coop, and often looks like she stepped out of the 80s. Sign me up for the fan club!

I have quite the dilemma here

As you may know, the Pittsburgh Steelers are undefeated. They are 10 and 0 for the first time ever. What you may not know is that I am largely responsible for this success.

I have not s
haved or had a haircut since week one. Now, I am not an idiot. I don't attribute this to both my beard and my hair. But I know it is one of them. But is the magic in the face or on the head? My wife is making Grizzly Adams comments so I must do away with one of them. Can anyone out there speak to this problem?

Ok, what the heck is going on?

There are supposedly 74 million disgruntled Trump voters out there. I live in a deep red area. Where are they? Even the ones who embraced everything Trump did are silent, and these people have threatened some pretty horrible things. I have heard them. But now the Bloat Boy is on the way out they have fallen silent.

Are they reflecting on all the shitty things that they have endorsed over the years? Are they embarrassed at the things they said to me, a guy they`ve known for years? Do they not want to admit that I was right about Trump?

I do know that they are not buying into the election theft. They seem to think that the deep state picks the president and adjusts the votes accordingly so voters don't matter. (Really)

I see the phenomenon of the Trump voter dying out and his followers disengaging and retreating to safer places on the web. Their nihilistic view of politics practically demands disengagement after a loss.

And covid is a way for the government to have an excuse to inject us with nanobots that will ALTER OUR GENETIC CODE! Wake up sheeple!

Why did the punk rocker cross the road?

Because he had a chicken stapled to his face.

I will see myself out.

I just realized I lost my mind over the past year

Toilet paper, bottled water, pinto beans, cases of ramen, more guns than I have ever owned before and ammo out the wazoo. This is my spare bedroom. I didn't bulk buy anything, just picked it up when convenient. Lotta stuff in there. I just saw it with fresh eyes this morning. It's insane. What have I become? Anyone else go nutso?

Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving from the ky looney bin. Be safe y`all!

Going full cooking bag this year

No foil to be found. I think my neighbour's selling tin foil hats on Ebay.

I am making a full sized feast that usually feeds 20 for three people

I bought freezer safe sealed and sectioned plates for the leftovers. Ready made microwavable Turkey dinners all December!

I tried to scale it back for 3, but it was
goddamned depressing .

I am going to retreat into an illusory reality tomorrow., you guys have a great Thanksgiving. Always be the most thankful for the things that you miss the most.
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