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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,096

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It took 4 to subdue me once.

Not my proudest or smartest moment....but I have no regrets . Fight the power man!

Oh whatever shall i do?

I started growing my beard a few months ago to irritate my employer. Thus far they have not objected.
Now I hate it and want to get rid of it. If I shave it....
Do they win?

best roddy piper line ever from sunny in Philadelphia

It makes me laugh every time.

Incredible quote from Rick and Morty

"Nobody asked to be here, nobody exists on purpose, and we are all going to die. So can we go watch TV?"-

Yeah...i garbled it....but still...

Deal maker my ass.

All Trump can do is back out of deals. He is a deal breaker. Who would negotiate with him knowing he is untrustworthy?
He pulls us out of agreements and everyone else stays. This dilutes our influence on the world stage.
I guess Iran will have nukes in a matter of months now. (Nevermind Iran"s demographics make this a perfect time to reintegrate them into the world) Maybe then the Godwads will see the destruction of Israel that they have been fantasizing about for ages.
Then Jesus can come back and all our children and grandchildren can die.

I really don't know what to say. My soul screams for me to fight...but who? And how?

i have a squeaky mouse toy lost in the house.

It squeaks everytime I walk and when a train or car passes. I have a significant hearing loss in one ear. I cannot triangulate to find it. My furry little bastard cats know where it is located. But they just stare at me with detached amusement as I flail about uselessly.
What a great bunch of cats! That is why I love them.

Caught a mess of catfish?

Chop off the tails about 2 inches up and hang them tail end down. They will bleed out in 15 minutes or so. If you do not do this they can live for many hours.
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