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No one ever prays for a lost limb to regrow.


Saw a thread recently about songs we wanted at our funeral.

Couldn't find it again. Here's mine. Holiday in Spain. By Counting Crows.

Anyone else want to glom on?

Waldorf salad with chicken

https://cookingwithpoints.com/healthy-waldorf-chicken- salad
Got some waldorf chicken salad from the deli that was expensive and underwhelming. Here is an easy to make and much cheaper alternative that is delicious and perfectly balanced. I did not change a thing. I recommend eating it on a hoagie.

I have seen many learned articles concerning Trump"s speaking style..

They go into great detail about techniques and oratory persuasion as if Trump is on par with MLK or any of the great speakers of history. But , like all things Trump, the truth of the matter is simple to the point of stupidity.
The truth is right there for the experts to see, but they are assuming that there is a depth to the man that simply does not exist.
I call bullshit on all the tedious analysis.
Two things: Vince McMahon and WWE.
The parallels between what he says and the bluster of wrestlers from the 80s and 90s is amazing. The flipflops are just the heel turns used in wrestling to manipulate the emotions of the fans. The crude ethnic stereotypes.....check!
The denigration of women.....check!
The name calling.....check!
The rampant drug abuse *sniff sniff*....big ol" check...
One might imagine that at some point Trump was involved in WWE and his storyline fed his ego to such a degree that he became a cartoon of himself..holy shit....check!
His speaking style is nothing more than Vince McMahon's rabble rousing.
Trump thinks the WWE is real.
He doesn't want to be Putin. He wants to be McMahon.
Vince McMahon's catchphrase was "You're fired!" long before the Apprentice.
I rest my case.

What kind of bees give milk?


Try not to laugh

My mom didn't like my report card. I said "Okay."
She said "I want more A's".

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