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low grade evil that we all can enjoy.

First shop at your local no frills grocery like Aldi or Lida. You know, the places where you have to bring your own bag. Do not bring your own bag. Throw that shit in the back seat, unfettered.
Next go to your local national chain and get the family packs of meat and soda that your family demands.
Check out in the self check out lane.

Grab a crap load of empty bags as you scan and bag your stuff.

Bag your Aldi or Lida loot in the extra bags.

My grandson has a game away today

He will be gone all day. So I made him a lumberjacks breakfast. Waffles (from scratch. Do it. It is easy and better the those Eggo abominations) , over easy eggs, fried smoked sausage, hashbrowns and fresh squeezed oj. It was a calorie bomb.
I can no longer eat that way. In the year since we gained custody he has grown nine inches yet only gained a few pounds. He clocks in at about 185 lbs. He is almost 6 feet tall and he is stealing all my cool clothes. Plus, girls find him irresistible. He frequently forces fumbles and runs them back.

It is disgusting.

So....should I kill him in his sleep, or poison his food?

Clarification: I do NOT want to kill my grandson. I am bragging on him because I am proud of him. He is surpassing my accomplishments at that age. It is great to behold.

Confederate history is not US history

Keeping the statues is fine. Just put them in a museum in a room called the Hall of Traitors. That puts them in historical context quite succinctly.
And BOOM! Everyone's happy.


Trying to make salmon patties....cats everywhere...tell my wife I love her and nothing morrrrrrrrrre!!!!!!!!!::;;\77%==::;&__(

Name the movie the quote came from:

"The wrong kid died"
"You know who else has hands? The devil...and he uses 'em for holdin'"
"It's the worst case of being cut in half I've ever seen. "

I gave three from the same movie to get us started. Add some fave quotes of your own to see if we can guess your flick.
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