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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,096

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Well crap

I feel asleep and had a very vivid dream that the election was called for Biden.

You guys are big meanies!

I, for one, expect Donald to give a concession speech that rivals Carter's in dignity, humility and grace!

I dearly love all the responses to my cry in the wilderness post

I don't feel so alone now.
But...as for all this rank speculation...
I am going to watch a movie with my wife and grandson and go to bed. Good night my friends and may tomorrow start a reckoning upon these goddamned shit sucking fascist scumbags.

I envy a lot of you.

I don't know a single person in my work, friends, or family life that agrees with me on religiion or politics. I am not a raging asshole about either subject, and get along well for the most part.
But I am tired. Lonely and tired. Lonely for a decent exchange of ideas; tired of watching people I love twisting themselves into knots trying to relieve the cognitive dissonance that the reps have inflicted on them for decades. I still love them, but I have lost all respect for them. Can I ever get it back? I feel like I need to leave my home of 40 years .
God I hope Joe wins. Trump will heal nothing.

I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow night

But I truly believe that win or lose, the more extreme trumpsters will use it as permission to harm others. Group together where you can if violence is imminent . I know there's a pandemic going on, but find a safe place. Quarantine yourself afterwards if needed.
If you are comfortable arm yourselves. Be ready to come to the aid of others if you can. I am not meaning to fear monger. Just prepare all you can, my friends. Fair winds and following seas. Let's do this.

Just passed down my lever action 30/30 to my grandson.

It was strangely cathartic. He is taking it hunting next weekend I am not about to freeze my ass off for venison anymore.

It is his birthday.

Always be scared of the tall white man

Always be scared of the tall white man!!!

My rumination of the day regarding presidential accolades

Historically, recieving an honor from the POTUS has been an indication that you are a massive credit to the country and likely a hero.

An accolade from Trump seems to indicate that you are a gigantic, possibly criminal, asshole.

We are still a young nation. Does that increase or decrease our chances of recovering from this orange tweeting shit gibbon?

I can't decide what is weirder

The fact that my poop is neon green....or that it tastes like bananas.

Think of the bunnies.

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