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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,096

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I know everyone wants payback

Can you imagine the info the intelligence services must have on this criminal administration? The spin cycle is ending
The wash is about to come out.

Before we get to the staid and boring Biden

Can Biden kick Trump in the nuts and yell You're fired, leave the island, and pack up your knives and go?

You are the.......weakest link!

My wife is going to kill me and I

deserve it. But it's so funny.

When she asks me to do something I don't want to do I go limp. Not playing dead, just limp and catatonic. She gets really strident and soon begins pulling at me. It is so hard not to laugh. I wish I wasn't so big. I believe she would have dragged my limp carcass all the way to the car today. Immature, I know. But she does it to me too but usually gives in faster.
If the timing is right and she does a particularly vigorous pull, I fart as loud as I can. Then I pretend to snap out of it and deny all knowledge of the incident. Then I do my chore

Didn't Trump's lackeys ever learn this lesson?

Trump demands "loyalty " but what he really wants is ass kissing.


They all deserve to be bus bait.

Democrats see in opponents what Democrats find despicable

Republicans see in opponents what Republicans are..

Someone clean this up for me please.

My squirrel dumplings are delicious..

The wild game has been great in southeast Ky this season. A huge hickory nut bounty has insured that the squirrels are fat and untainted by pine trees or even acorns. Squirrels have the texture of a chicken wing flat and the taste depends on what they eat. My deer this year was a good sized 160 pounds. I was able to donate 26lbs of ground version and twelve pounds of summer sausage. It has been a great year.

I saw a thread about a man dragged from his bed and killed by hyenas

I had to bring my initial reaction here where it is more appropriate:

(Guitar lick) That is a metal as fuck way to die.

As tragic as it is, it is the way a great number of our ancestors died..I would rather be eaten by a pack of giggly demon dogs than spend to next 3 decades trapped in my skull while my body slowly fails. It's more natural.

Thanks Timesuckers, I needed that.

Finish the thought.

It's over and the winner is declared!

President? No. Biden won that shit days ago.
This concerns the on going battle of chicken sandwiches between Popeyes, Chik Filla, and late comer to the fight, Wendy's.

I purchased a chicken sandwich from each establishment today. Here's what I found.
Wendy's was the big loser with a smaller breast, lackluster seasoning, overlooked meat and soggy breading. You can do better at home with a deep fryer and you tube video.

Chik filet had a substantial breast. However, the breading was more wet than crispy, my guess is that the oil in the fryer was too cold or the fryer was overloaded, which results in mediocre breading texture either way. Also the flavor was oddly sweet. Not my jam. It also cost a little more than the other ones. It is almost like they charge more to make up for being closed on Sunday. I might try it again at the beginning of lunch rush because the breading was awful but the meat was well cooked and juicy.

And the winner!
Crispy,crunchy, juicy goodness in every bite. Superior in every way to the competition. If you get the spicy chicken sandwich it is not overwhelmingly hot. The breast is comparable to CF. It is delivered fresh and hot. So crunchy! So little bigotry ! I loved it. I wouldn't change a thing.

3 out 5 stars. (Shout out to my fellow Timesuckers)

Will you laugh or puke? Or laugh till you puke? Not safe for sanity


Been seeing a few of these around. They are ironic on many levels.
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