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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,106

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I am the menace of the grocery store! RAWR!

Yesterday I was waiting at the deli counter and just started some small talk with a sweet little old lady. Just prattling on about cooking and potato salad while keeping an eye out for my order. Suddenly I realize she is just giving one word responses. I glanced at her and the poor thing was terrified!
Her grand daughter caught up with her and I told her that I think I scared her 'sister" and I really didnt mean to. She said that was ok. Her granny was fearful a lot nowadays.
I pondered this. It wasn't racism as we were both white. Then it hit me.
Grandma was about 5 ft tall and birdlike. Maybe 90 lbs.
I am 6'2 and well over 200 lbs.

Plus i have a bushy salt and pepper beard and paradoxically shave my head to minimize the fact that i am losing my hair. Throw in my heavy bone structure and I suppose I could be pretty scary.

I had a little laugh about it. Then I got sad. Why should this poor woman be fearful at the store? Not only would I never harm her I would seek to prtect her from harm!

What is going on? My grands feared nothing.

Sorry about the off topic post yesterday

My giant hands stink on my phone screen. I meant it for GD.

First post in awhile.

It seems that when I post my opinions on the Russians it seems I get called vile and disgusting by a lot of folks here. But when these same folks speak in the same terms of Republicans or Trump there is no pushback.
Why is this? I can dis my own countrymen with impunity but I have to draw the line at calling the Russians the rotten potato sucking dogs that they are?
I am no longer sure if I belong here. In my view dems operate in reality and give respect to those who return it. To reflexively defend a vile regime that can only be truthfully described in vile terms is an adherence to a dogma that I am unfamiliar with and to which I would never subscribe.

I apologize if I made anyone puke puppies in outrage. But we are fighting for the future here. Treat all our enemies as you do.the reps. Give no excuse to any of them. Lump them together and we and all our allies will overwhelm them. They are weak. Give them no succor.

I loathe the Russians

I mean the so called government not the individual people. I despise the culture. The ugly architecture, the bleak worldview, the ass backwards way of solving problems by exacerbating them. I hate the way they spread corruption. A zombie of an empire infecting everything they touch with decay. If North Korea is a melanoma that will be cut off the skin of the world in due time, then Russia is a lymphoma metastasizing thru the glands of the world. We tried 50 years of chemotherapy and it seemed to be working. But the cancer has returned. It may soon be time for stronger measures. I am not a big fan of war, but it is obvious the the reps will not stop them. Dems may very well be the only thing that stands between our children and whatever the hell Russia wants us to become.


My evangelical rep friend visited me in ky from tx today.

He wants single payer health care. He sees an advantage in paying up to 30% taxes to the government for guaranteed coverage for everything rather than paying the same or more to private insurers for unreliable coverage.

Stop the presses. A rep was right.

Now if I can only get him to stop voting for charlatans.

My android word anticipation. ..

It just seems so bloody minded. No matter what word I am going for, it unfailingly chooses a different form of the word.....usually a dumbed down simplistic synonym or the most common form used by Youtube commenters.
Does anyone else see this?

I did not spent a lifetime becoming a pedantic bore only to have a piece of open source software strive to make me relatable.

I think i may go back to IPhone. Siri understood me. We were tight.

Oh. I have been training this LG abomination for 5 months.

Homer Simpsons thought on team Trump

I always think of this when i hear the Hourly Outrage.

hard boiled eggs done right

Get a dozen eggs and shove them to the back of the refrigerator for1 to 2 weeks. Threaten with death all who might touch them.

Put water in a pan and gently add 6 to 12 eggs. Begin time when they start a to boil. Boil 5 minutes. Remove from heat and cover for 13 minutes.
After 13 minutes drain hot wAter and place under cold running water for at least 5 minutes.
Bobs your uncle you can peel and eat immediately or store them for up to two weeks in the fridge.
Not green yolks and little sulphur smell.

Aldi's grocery store

Been going there for awhile now. The dairy is dirt cheap and eggs are 29 cents a dozen. The store brands are very comparable in taste at 30 to 50 percent less than national brands. Do you have an Aldi's near you? What is your take?

what happens after trump leaves office?

He will have a head full of secrets and his big stupid mouth.
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