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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
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On the subject of UFOs

Let me first say that I am a skeptic about the extraterrestrial hypothesis. I believe a good amount of reports are just folks trying to glom onto the notoriety of the few reports that catch fire. High profile sightings that are widely disseminated by the media usually generate far more follow up reports than other sightings that recieve little publicity. But there many sightings that don't blow up, yet the people who experienced them never seek to gain from their stories nor do they retract them. This argues strongly that outside of the liars and publicity hounds that some people honestly believe that they saw something. I am not so much interested in what they saw as to why their brains interpreted it the way they did.
I know they are not all lying because I am one of the ones who saw something that I am unable to explain.
It was back in 1984. My friend, my future brother in law and myself were walking on country roads at night. It was a typical night coming home after a weekend of camping in a rockhouse (a cliff with a shallow cave at its base for all of you city slickers)it was a bright moonlit night which is why we were headed home. We were out of supplies and the fish werent biting and we decided that breakfast sounded better than maybe eating our remaining bait.
Anyway as we walked home, a shadow fell across the moon. We looked up and saw a very unconventional aircraft. It was diamond shaped elongated in the direction of travel. Think of a tall triangle with a squat triangle attached at the bases. Spear shaped I guess. There were several white lights spaced equidistantly around the perimeter and in the widest portion of the object there was a hazy irregular ring of red light. We watched it for awhile shining our flashlights at it, waving our shot guns and generally being scared adolescents trying to pretend we werent scared adolescents.

We lost sight of it behind some trees and when we saw it again in was parallel to us on the horizon and we got a side view of it. Sleek and thick in the rear and tapered to a point in the direction of travel. On the back third of the object there was a structure the strongly resembling the bridge of a battle ship or aircraft carrier.

So my question is what did I see that my brain interpreted as a Super Star Destroyer from the Star Wars universe? I had been hungry before and many times since and I have never hallucinated. Was my mind desperately trying to decipher a true enigma? Why a SSD?
Any thoughts? We all three saw it and agreed on the basic configuration. Also it was silent and moved slowly while in sight only seeming to be fast when we lost sight of it for a few seconds and it appeared much further away the its observed speed could account for.

I recently got custody of my 13 year old grandson

The papers clearly state that we have shared custody with my stepson with my wife and I having residential custody as we are able to provide a safe and stable home place as well as the child stating in court that he wishes to stay with us.

Recently my stepson appliied for food stamps and Medicare portraying that the child resided with him. This was the main lie among many others.

He lives with his wife's parents and claims to be separated from his wife to draw more benefits on the 4 kids he does live with.

I have a strong desire to set the record straight at least as far as the child I have custody of is concerned. This will no doubt cause upheaval in my marriage. But damn it, you do what is right because it is right. Any ideas? The fraudsters he is in bed with are stealing 40k a year and likely much more.
He even wants us to give the boys new school his address rather than ours and it is in a different district and town.
I was a prison guard for quite awhile and have little sympathy for thieves, kin or not.

I guess I am hoping that someone has been in a similar situation and can give me advice. Every fiber of my being tells me to speak up and not be complicit in this bullshit.

Thanks for letting me vent.


The Sonic drive in commercials just jumped the shark.

I'll nae hae you intimidatin' me lassie!

Aye, tis true. My overgrown she cat reels me in wi' her devilish wiles and hellish blandishments. Then she beats on me. But what to do? She is beautiful.

Sorry for the awful Scottish phonetics. They are even more horrific when I enunciate then in my southern drawl.

Seriously. ..how Freudian can you get? All things being equal, I would rather my pussy whippings be a little less literal.


OMG people!

I just put some quartered tomatoes and peeled sliced zucchini in the air fryer with a little olive oil cracked pepper seasoning salt and salt. 400 For 13 minutes and welcome to bliss. Sprinkled a little garlic salt at the end.
If it is bitter, peel the zucchini better. What am I, your mother? I shat you from my womb? Cheesus Rice. I gotta do it all?

Stupid wild turkey is destroying my garden

And injuring the neighborhood cats. I have ran it off with fireworks twice but it keeps coming back. The damned thing makes eye contact with me while it eats my tomatoes!
Any thoughts? It isnt in season so I can't harvest it and I cannot shoot in city limits anyway. It is such an arrogant little butt hole!

Something totally unexpected happened last weekend

I played some soccer with a few of my kids and grandkids and in laws. Of course I didn't last as long as they did, but as I settled into the porch swing and cracked open a cold frosty one, something wonderful occurred.
As I watched my family frolicking in the lengthening shadows and listened to them laugh and shout out incredibly arbitrary and self serving "rules", I suddenly realized that I was happy. Everything I have worked for my entire life coalesced in one perfect evening and I found peace.
We may seem broken on the outside but I really believe we may just be good again someday.
I hope you all find a shiny moment to lift you up my friends.

What's for supper?

I got fresh corn on the cob, smoke seasoned collard greens, home mason jar canned green beans and cabbage boiled with golden potatoes and turkey andouille sausage. Y'all come on down.

I am the menace of the grocery store! RAWR!

Yesterday I was waiting at the deli counter and just started some small talk with a sweet little old lady. Just prattling on about cooking and potato salad while keeping an eye out for my order. Suddenly I realize she is just giving one word responses. I glanced at her and the poor thing was terrified!
Her grand daughter caught up with her and I told her that I think I scared her 'sister" and I really didnt mean to. She said that was ok. Her granny was fearful a lot nowadays.
I pondered this. It wasn't racism as we were both white. Then it hit me.
Grandma was about 5 ft tall and birdlike. Maybe 90 lbs.
I am 6'2 and well over 200 lbs.

Plus i have a bushy salt and pepper beard and paradoxically shave my head to minimize the fact that i am losing my hair. Throw in my heavy bone structure and I suppose I could be pretty scary.

I had a little laugh about it. Then I got sad. Why should this poor woman be fearful at the store? Not only would I never harm her I would seek to prtect her from harm!

What is going on? My grands feared nothing.

Sorry about the off topic post yesterday

My giant hands stink on my phone screen. I meant it for GD.
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