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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,096

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Oh the irony! A show of hands please.

Who else was called a commie pinko socialist fascist (somehow) for being a democrat?

Now those same name callers are supporting a guy who is figuratively and probably literally in bed with the Russians.

Now if they call me names I say "But the commies are our friends. Trump says so. " Then I bare my teeth in what only an idiot would call a smile.

They want to hit me I can tell.

Disclaimer: Do not do this if you are not huge and a bit suicidally insane. BTW, Suicidal Insanity is what I call my jeep. Also my grandson has dibs on the name if he starts a band.

Who put the Na'vi on Pandora?

Pandoran vertebrates are six limbed. The Na'vi are bipedal humanoids. They do not fit.

So were they put there?

Or are they an artificial race? They have a deep connection to the world but they likely didn't evolve there. So who designed them,and why?

Ack! Pttthhp!!!

I just reversed my ceiling fan. Airborne dust bunnies everywhere. Rest assured I will send my wife a strongly worded email detailing her many deficiencies in the area of dust and allergen control.

There is no way this will go wrong!

Funniest regular show....'ello govna


Just heard a ky republican politician say the phrase "common sense reforms".

That means 3 things:
1) The rich will buy a new yacht
2) The middle class will open their wallets
3) The poor will pre-plan their funerals

Little bugs that I have eaten

Crickets, ants, termite larvae, and grasshoppers. They ranged between a crispy texture (the ants) to a pleasant nuttiness (the grasshoppers) What bugs have you eaten?

Just heard on NPR

In reference to Don Jr releasing emails:

"Trump has wanted to get screwed by one of his children for years ; only not this one"

Favorite insults from books and movies

I will forgo the French insults from The Holy Grail and offer this one from Larry Niven's Man Kzin Wars universe:

I urinate on the shrines of your ancestors. ..FROM A HEIGHT! !!!

Trump, the sucker

Macron played him like a fiddle.

Trump, blissfully unaware of the continental penchant of disguising withering contempt beneath a veneer of politeness and cosmopolitan schtick, took it in hook line and sinker.

He probably thought that the parade and celebration were in his honor. He's so vain he probably thought the day was about him. Sing that line. It's funny.

While I admire Macron for taking one for the team in an attempt to thaw relations, it is impossible for me to see Trump in Paris without seeing him dressed in a Little Lord Fauntleroy sailor suit clutching a gigantic lollipop.

He is easy to manipulate. It could probably be accomplished by jangling a key chain in front of him.

Macron is our friend, but it is sobering to think that our enemies could do the same thing.

Democratic camouflage in a red state

Do I totally look like I'd kill you for eating quiche or what? That's right folks. Im inside and deep cover. I will have my formally purple state bluer than republican balls at a drag queen pageant in no time.
I am just a big old softy. But if you want to visit, always call ahead. I am not without concern that they will come for me someday.

Peace friends!
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