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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 04:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,106

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what happens after trump leaves office?

He will have a head full of secrets and his big stupid mouth.

So my wife says

Katy Perry's hair looks terrible.
I say "Katy Perry has hair?"
Now I have to sleep on the couch with a purple nurple because I have a sense of humor.

Tortlla pizza

Quality sauce +ttoppings that suit your diet....12 to 15 minutes at 370 and maybe a minute or two on broil. Perfect!
Smaller tortillas work for me. Adjust time and temperature accordingly.

Ham fried rice

Pretty much any recipe. So much flavor for so few ingredients. I sprinkle a little garlic and ground ginger on mine.


Washington is infested with Russian agents, mobsters, sympathizers and enablers. One must reflect and ask oneself:


A conversation I had with a sincere right to lifer friend

Hey man, you know how you said abortion would destroy America?
Him: Yes and it will.
Me: you were right. You guys vote for anyone who wants to outlaw choice so we get a bunch of fascists and ignoramuses in Washington and they dismantle the country and destroy the lives of millions under the guise of protecting pre-viable fetuses. So our democratic system dies and abortion is still legal. Over and over for decades. But hey at least there will be millions of people thi king they struck a blow for the unborn while they die young and toil for slave wages.
Him: That isnt what we want.
Me: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Him: .......

I paraphrased a bit but that was the gist. Choice is not killing us but the cancerous results of antichoice is.

3rd eye blind

Totally underrated IMO.

My Power Air Fryer

It is so good. Just put good food in it and you get grea results.

Getting ready to smoke a huge Boston butt roast

Nothing to add. Just wanted to make you salivate with jealousy.
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