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Member since: Thu May 18, 2017, 08:59 PM
Number of posts: 207

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Kobe Crash-Keep the Children on the Ground!

At least 3 children were killed in the helicopter crash that killed nine people. They should have sent the children by car to the game.
Adults can choose to fly by helicopter, not the children. Kobe apparently was used to flying by helicopter - a dangerous vehicle.
Think about your children first!!

Can Crash Victims' Families sue Iran and US?

Just saw on the news that the airliner was brought down by two Iranian missiles. Since the Trump administration initiated the conflict, it may be possible for families of the victims to sue the United States and Iran.

Utah Man slaps 2 Children on dirt bikes-shoots at Father-no deaths

It's a miracle no one was killed. See surveillance Video. Also, the father told son to call for help - watch his son clear a fence while running to to call for help.


The Reason why Trump blocked US troops from helping the Kurds is to divert

attention from his own domestic problems. No one is reporting on this! It's obvious. Please say it isn't so.

Ghislaine Maxwell Photos-Can you Spot the Difference?

I could not reduce the size of the photos.



Treating Minor Hot Oil Burns on the Skin

When frying certain foods, some of the oil can splash on the skin. The old folks used to say, put butter on it. I prefer rinsing the skin with cold water and/or soaking in cold water. What methods do you prefer?

"Disloyalty to Country" Mueller stands Erect.

My observation: When someone mentions disloyalty to country, Mueller seems to squirm in his seat. It is as if he is donning his uniform, standing erect and saluting. It obviously makes him uncomfortable.

Jeffrey Epstein Raid video from ABC News


Was William Barr unemployed prior to becoming Attorney General?

Was Barr looking for employment?

My 600 lb. Life

Has anyone watched the show, "My 600 Lb. Life." Is it possible fast food can cause this type of weight gain? What are they putting in this food? Is it hormones? I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime.
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