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Catholic deacon told congregation not to vote for Biden.

I was not present when this happened, but I heard it from two sources, one of which was in the congregation and heard the deacon. I will refer to this person as the "Source".

"Source" was at mass on a Saturday about 2 weeks ago. According to the "Source", the deacon expressed his personal beliefs on this election. The deacon told the congregation not to vote for Biden. The deacon said that Biden was going to turn this country communist. The "Source walked out and others did also.

The next day (Sunday) at 9 am mass, the parish priest told the congregation that he spoke to the deacon twice and apologized for what the deacon said. It was not nice or good. Despite what the parish priest said, the parish priest put democrats down also.

The "Source" has voted already, and voted for Biden. The "Source is tired of Trump's lies, foul language, and his bully ways.

I'm already looking for a new church.
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