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Barr and Whitaker were brought in to shut down the Mueller investigation. And, they did.

Jeff Sessions was the Attorney General during the Mueller investigation up until his last day on the job, though he recused himself from the Mueller investigation.

Because of Sessions' recusal, Mueller reported to Rod Rosenstein until Trump appointed Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker in November 2018.

Up until November 2018, Mueller had indicted 36 individuals. Only one more individual was indicted after Whitaker becoming Acting Attorney General - Roger Stone.

Roger Stone was the connection to WikiLeaks.

That brings us to two questions posed by Fortune magazine (http://fortune.com/2019/03/26/william-barr-robert-mueller-report-trump-russia-investigation/):

13. What did Mueller conclude about longtime Trump ally Roger Stone’s interactions regarding WikiLeaks?
Starting in June 2016, anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks began publishing Democratic emails that Mueller has said were stolen by Russian hackers. Stone told Trump campaign officials that he had information about WikiLeaks releasing documents that would be damaging to Clinton, according to prosecutors. Trump campaign officials allegedly pressed Stone to find out when more dumps of Clinton material would be coming. And Stone used Twitter to contact Guccifer 2.0, which Mueller said was an alias for the Russian intelligence officers who stole the emails.

There was speculation that Stone could have been a conduit to WikiLeaks—but no direct connection has been established. (Stone has pleaded not guilty to charges he lied to congressional investigators about the matter and engaged in witness tampering.)

14. What happened to the draft charges against Jerome Corsi, the political gadfly who allegedly acted as an intermediary between Stone and WikiLeaks?
Mueller’s team was said to have offered Corsi a deal in which he would have pleaded guilty to perjury over statements he made about his interactions with WikiLeaks. He refused, gave copies of the draft agreement to the news media and ridiculed Mueller’s investigation in interviews. Because Corsi wasn’t charged, details about the investigation of him may remain under wraps.

It's my contention, though I cannot prove it, that it appears Mueller was closing in on WikiLeaks, and that WikiLeaks may be the bridge to Trump's collusion with the Russians.

It's my theory that Jeff Sessions was ordered to resign so that Whitaker and Barr could be brought in to shut down the Mueller investigation.

Johnny Manziel

has signed with the AAF, according to the NFL Network, announced during the Arizona/Orlando game.

New Mexico: State Senate Committee approves legalization legislation

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