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Awesome bumper sticker collection

CNN and MSNBC 24/7 Trump channels

Sorry if this has been talked about previously.

I am getting fed up with watching CNN and MSNBC. Their shows, content, discussions, almost exclusively cover Trump.

True, they do sometimes (maybe rarely, depending on your level of cynicism) call out Trump and his minions on their lies. Even if they call out the lies, the coverage speaks for itself.

In the end, they are 24/7 Trump channels. Almost never do they allow anyone with an opposing ideology (Social Democracy, the Green Party, the Zeitgeist Movement, etc.) on their channels to discuss alternatives to Trumpism.

I guess the corporations that run these channels and their advertisers won't allow alternative ideologies any airtime.

Corporatism = Trumpism. CNN and MSNBC are corporations.

Maybe they occasionally call out the lies in order to fool the viewers into thinking they are responsible journalists.

Sorry for the rant.
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