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Member since: Thu May 18, 2017, 07:28 AM
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One Toke Over The Line

With any luck here in New Mexico, we'll be one toke over the line in 2019:

Impeach/indict in 2019, or in 2020?

Case 1: Impeach/indict in 2019. If successful, Trump leaves office. Pence assumes the Presidency. The national nightmare is over in 2019.

Disadvantages of Case 1: The national nightmare is not necessarily over with Pence in the White House. Pence, in some ways, might actually be worse than Trump. Also, there would likely be a sitting President (Pence) running for election in 2020, with very few, if any, competitors within the Republican party. The Trump experiment is over and the party is not substantially weakened.

Case 2: Impeach/indict in 2020. Do not impeach or indict in 2019. Keep Trump in the White House until the spring of 2020, but held mostly in check by a Democratic House. As long as Trump is in office and under constant investigation, that would throw a huge monkey wrench into Trump's 2020 campaign, and the Republican party. Stretching out the various investigations into Trump would likely draw out John Kasich, Jeff Flake, and others to challenge Trump for the party's nomination. The challengers would be forced into criticizing Trump, making matters worse for Trump, and driving division into the Republican party. Trump and the Republican party would be weakened by all the investigations and the in-house bickering. A split might occur. The House could schedule an impeachment to occur right after Super Tuesday - March 3, 2020, which would be in all likelihood the time when a winner of the Republican primary would emerge. Trump's impeachment by the House in the spring of 2020 might be better in the long run in order to maximize damage to Trump as well as the Republican party. The fact that Trump is impeached by the House is damaging enough to his candidacy in 2020. If McConnell refuses to hold a trial, or not enough Republican Senators are willing to convict Trump, there will mostly likely be damage to the Republican party.

Disadvantages of Case 2: The national nightmare continues into 2020. McConnell could refuse to hold a trial. Not enough Republican Senators are willing to vote against Trump. The Justice Department could stick with its policy of not indicting a sitting President.

Waylon Jennings - "Luckenbach Texas" - "Ain't nobody feelin' no pain."

The Ten Biggest Marijuana Stories of 2018 in Colorado


Sorry about the link. They want you to turn off your ad blocker, if you have one. I was able to continue to the article without turning mine off.

My favorite story: "...the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis consumers: baby boomers."

How long before Federal employees quit?

During this shutdown, "about 53,000 TSA employees, 54,000 Customs and Border Protection agents and officers, and 42,000 Coast Guard members and staff must work without pay, according to research from the Senate Appropriation Committeeís vice chair, Democrat Patrick Leahy. Essential employees also include anyone involved in counter-terrorism efforts, intelligence gathering, or providing telecommunications support for DHS workers." http://fortune.com/2018/12/22/government-shutdown-border-patrol-homeland-security-unpaid-workers/

A lot of these workers are people who are not making a lot of money. My guess is that many of them probably don't have enough money saved up to get them through an extended period of time without an income.

I retired from the Federal Government in 2014 after having worked for Uncle Sam for 34 years. My guess is that employees with five or fewer years of service are going to look for other jobs if this shutdown lasts more than three weeks.

Quite frankly, I don't see Trump caving in on his wall. He needs his base. The Democrats, I hope, will not cave.

My suspicion is that this shutdown is going to last well into January, possibly to mid-February, when Mueller is reportedly going to release his report and hopefully it gets publicized.

I am sorry that I sound so pessimistic. This whole situation is quite ridiculous, with Trump willing to put thousands of people into serious financial harm over a vanity project.

Mac Davis - Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me

Girl you're gettin' that look in your eyes,
and it's starting to worry me.
I ain't ready for no family ties,
nobody's gonna hurry me.
Just keep it friendly girl 'cause I don't want to leave,
Don't start clinging to me girl 'cause I can't breathe.
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me.
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me.
'Cause I'll just use you then I'll set you free.
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me.
Girl you're a hot blooded woman, child,
and it's warm where you're touching me.
But I can tell by your tremblin' smile,
you're seeing way too much in me.
Girl don't let your life get tangled up with mine,
'cause I'll just leave you, I can't take no clinging vine.
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me.
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me.
'Cause I'll just use you then I'll set you free.
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me.

Does the 13th Amendment nullify the Senate and the Electoral College?

There is an argument that basically says the Constitution protected slavery up until 1865. Two ways in which the Constitution protected slavery were the Senate and the Electoral College.

The Senate is the product of a compromise that, while it made sense at the time, rested on assumptions that havenít been true for more than a century. It was an early bulwark for southern slaveholders and a firewall protecting Jim Crow. https://thinkprogress.org/antidemocratic-history-of-senate-d05688f441b8/

The Electoral College allowed states to count slaves, albeit at a discount (the three-fifths clause), and that's what gave the South the inside track in presidential elections. In a direct election system, the South would have lost every time. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2016/11/12/13598316/donald-trump-electoral-college-slavery-akhil-reed-amar

The Senate and the Electoral College were created to protect slavery. With one exception, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery. I know it's a stretch, but, couldn't a legal case be made to nullify the Senate and the Electoral College based on the 13th Amendment?

Star Trek Discovery Season 2. January 19.

I've been a diehard fan of Star Trek since the very beginning in 1965. However, I am disappointed with Star Trek Discovery. Season 2 will be make or break with me. If they can fix this show, I'll keep watching it.

Trump can't tear down

what we have built up:

This is from the Dia de los Muertos parade in Albuquerque on Sunday, November 4, 2018.

Our democracy is at stake - GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

GOP is attempting to lock up our government forever with fascist hyper-capitalism.

Get out and vote!!!
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