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#ExposeTreyGowdy. Trump has been paying him..chew on this for a bit


Read tweets 1-13 to understand how f'kd up this is.
Gowdy will replace Chaffetz when he leaves congress.
He needs to be outed & stopped.

Level39 @level39
May 24

1/ Thread: How Trey Gowdy receives contributions from Trump's Super PACs during 🇷🇺 investigations. #ExposeTreyGowdy

Level39 @level39

2/ Trey Gowdy's top 2017 donor is Trump's "Committee To Defend The President" and "Great America PAC" super PACs (link: https://www.fec.gov/data/receipts/?two_year_transaction_period=2018&data_type=processed&committee_id=C00462523&min_date=01%2F01%2F2017&max_date=12%2F31%2F2018) fec.gov/data/receipts/…


Level39 @level39
May 24

CALL YOUR REPS NOW! Demand Trey Gowdy recuse himself

Start: @AdamSchiffCA at (link: http://schiff.house.gov/contact) schiff.house.gov/contact

Tell him about Trump's PAC

Make some serious noise about this

If you're not a godly bigot, then get outta Texas as fast as you can


With All Eyes On Trump, Texas May Soon Pass Horrific Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Michelangelo Signorile
HuffPost•May 21, 2017


A pharmacist could decide not to fill a prescription for hormone therapy for a transgender customer, claiming doing so goes against his or her religious beliefs about gender.
Or, in another example TFN offers, a “pharmacist could use religion as a justification to refuse to serve African-American customers because she believes the Bible mandates the segregation of the races.”

And two bills that would regulate legal services, SB 302 and SB 303, now have amendments which allow for religious refusal by state-licensed attorneys.

If these bills become law with these amendments, an attorney could deny his or her duty to inform a client about his or her rights in a divorce proceeding, for example, even trying to talk the client out of getting a divorce, all based on the attorney’s religious objection to divorce.

With all eyes on the constant distractions of Trump, the White Right moves in for the kill.

I'm wondering how thes new Laws that sound an awful lot like Sharia or Saudi, with 'christian' thrown in just for personalization, are going to play with the many who've just moved to Dallas from CA, with the relocation of Toyota Headquarters.

I have heard nothing in local news even speak a word about these bills.
Texas is about to become one giant Mega fu'ked up Church.

How sanctamonious & sick headed can people be to legislate themselves the purist of all.

The slow, steady criminalization of dissent under Trump. DKOS May 20, 2017


The slow, steady criminalization of dissent under Trump
May 20, 2017


..last year’s protests against police violence, has spawned a backlash by the Republican Party to restrict and curtail those same rights, especially when corporate interests are being threatened.
This effort, being waged almost surreptitiously by Republicans in state legislatures, received a clear signal of approval last week from the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


The results of this new “policy” were visible almost immediately:

Felony charges brought against more than 200 people on Inauguration Day, police and prosecutors in the District of Columbia are putting activists on notice that legal protections ingrained in the Constitution may not apply to them, according to legal experts.

This new era of law enforcement is affecting policing tactics beyond Washington.
The harsh treatment of protesters in the District since Donald Trump assumed the presidency — with a large number of people who did not engage in violence facing decades in prison for simply taking part in a protest — lets law enforcement officials across the nation know that a tough-on-dissent policy is acceptable, the experts said.

The charges against the inauguration protesters were brought by the District of Columbia’s federal prosecutor, Channing Phillips. What made these charges unique was that they were slapped not only on the people who actually caused property damage (and presented an actual danger), but those rounded up in the vicinity of these same people, a process called “kettling.”

As a result, wholly innocent people who were simply marching in protest ended up facing the same penalties as those who sought to provoke a violent response.
Those penalties extended to a maximum of 10 years in jail and a $25,000 fine.


Americans must fight these efforts to curtail and eliminate their right to speak out, protest and peaceably assemble.
These are more than just “rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution,” they are our birthright.

And history shows that when these rights are relinquished, they never come back.

What takes place while all eyes remain on Trump.
Trump's push for new prisons aren't just for deprtations.

"It appearsTwitter Outage is due to Russia holding one of their DNS Servers"


MikeFarb @mikefarb1

It appears the Twitter Outage is due to Russia holding one of their DNS Servers. It is getting real.


I know little as to how this tech world works.
Anyone care to add to this?

Revisiting how Pence got the VP job



"Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager at the time, allegedly had another idea in mind.

Manafort had arranged for Trump to meet with his first choice for the job on July 13: Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Afterwards, the plans were for Trump and Pence to then fly back to New York together and a formal announcement would be made, a campaign source said of Manafort’s thinking.

What had previously been reported as a “lucky break” by the New York Times was actually a swift political maneuver devised by the now fired campaign manager. Set on changing Trump’s mind, he concocted a story that Trump’s plane had mechanical problems, forcing the soon-to-be Republican nominee to stay the night in Indianapolis for breakfast with the Pence family ..(more)

Now we know of course that Jared Kushner had a say in ousting Christy, but my question is "How did Manafort come to choose Pence over anyone else?"

What's the connection between Manafort & Pence that Manafort would go so far to arrange Trump to met Pence & family..?

Pence is deeper in this than has been told.

Taxpayers buy Toby Keith a free trip to Trump/Saudi Man-Concert

Toby Keith Is Joining Trump In Saudi Arabia For A Men-Only Concert

Yaa..US taxpayers on the hook for Toby & his entourage's man tour to Saudi.


Louise Mensch Jan 2017: Putin, Wikileaks, Cambridge Analytical & more


Or, Why she has the following she does & why the sudden emphasis on discrediting her.

Dear Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess
Jan 2017


I have an overarching theory of Russia’s attack on America and the West. Here it is.

There have not been a series of attacks on America and Europe by Vladimir Putin. There has been one single operation; it is the same operation.

By 2008, possibly even earlier, according to John Schindler, a National Security expert formerly at the NSA, Russia had placed moles in the highest levels of US counter-intelligence. I take this as my starting-point, because all the subsequent facts bear it out.

Mr. Putin always wanted to use the strength of the West as a lever to attack it, because Russia is weak and poor. So he did, and he used a very old-fashioned and effective method. Spies inside the IC. He also believes in propaganda and mind-games. He uses them on the West, he uses them on Russians, in Russia.



Why would the Russians have sleeper moles in a mere FBI criminal field office, even if it is New York?

And the answer to that is simple; a corrupt FBI NY Field Office guards the interest of Russian mobsters, allows them to launder their money through Trump’s “failing” casinos and building projects, makes sure that Trump being paid double for a Florida house doesn’t get investigated, allows paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to keep a mansion in New York City, ensures that Trump’s criminal taxes don’t get investigated, and sits hard enough on the NYPD that Trump can commit crime after crime in plain sight, socializing with the FBI’s most wanted mobsters, and never get charged with a damn thing.

It ensures that Manafort and Stone can live in Trump tower, that Cohen’s trips on Russian-Registered private jets get washed.
It allows the “FBI” to be next to the media, including the New York Times and Fox news, and act as un-named law enforcement sources. The FBI Field Office in New York wasn’t just infiltrated by your agents to scupper Hillary Clinton, Mr. Putin.
It was there to guard the money of your billionaires and to cover the tracks of your handlers in the Russian embassy and consulates.
That’s why the dead security guard at the Russian consulate never got investigated.



You, Mr. Putin, have relied on big data and on propaganda, including an army of trolls.

It is plain to UK intelligence that you have a Russian spy ring at Cambridge University

;that you may have combed through and stolen, illegally in the EU, the Facebook data of hundreds of millions of Americans

;that you use propagandists SCR and combined GSR and SCR to form Cambridge Analytica

; and that you used Twitter’s database to create a bot army.

It’s plain from both money and propaganda that Steve Bannon is your tool, your agent of influence

; that you work through Nigel Farage and so on

; that RT and Sputnik are not merely spy centers, but money-laundering tools

; and that you have used ‘Big data’ of Cambridge Analytica (personality types plus propaganda from SCR) to poison the minds of Americans and indeed voters across the West.

You have your hackers sitting on 4 Chan,
where the ‘prank’ on the Brexit petition involved Russian server addresses.


This is why I support independent journalists & will defend LM.
I may disagree with some of what she reports , for personal reasons (Comey /Clinton right before the election), but I certainly will applaud her for her clear stand against Putin & outing those who carried on forward with the propaganda scam to put DT in the WH and vengfully discredit HRC.

Thank you.

Apologies: areas I bolded & italicized are not showing up as bold or italics.
Fyi to admins. Thanks

Putin's VEB Bank, the Trump Family & a New York Russian Spy Ring


(I'll copy what I can access from WSJ since I am not a subscriber.
The synopsis is at Palmer Report. Link below)

Russian State-Run Bank Financed Deal Involving Trump Hotel Partner

Russian-Canadian developer put money into Toronto project after receiving hundreds of millions from deal involving VEB
By Rob Barry, Christopher S. Stewart and Brett Forrest
Updated May 17, 2017 11:59 a.m. ET

VEB, a Russian state-run bank under scrutiny by U.S. investigators, financed a deal involving Donald Trump’s onetime partner in a Toronto hotel tower at a key moment for the project, according to people familiar with the transaction..

The continuing story is here:


...the word from the Wall Street Journal today, after it dug into the financial history of the Toronto based Trump-branded hotel (link).
The newspaper has reported that Donald Trump owned a stake in the hotel at the time, a claim which he now denies.
But his camp is acknowledging that the hotel is managed by the Trump Organization.
Worse, the bank involved has direct ties to Vladimir Putin, Trump’s own family, and a Russian spy ring in New York.


"...meaning that Putin himself was the one who signed off on the Trump Toronto project. VEB is also the bank that Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner met with at Trump Tower in New York during the transition period.

And then there’s the Russian spy ring in New York, which included one spy whose cover was a day job at VEB bank. That spy ring was busted in part by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara – whom Donald Trump ended up firing after he took office.

More at Link.
The Trump crime family will indeed go down considering all we've come to know, & we only hear small shocking bits of all the dirty dealings they have around the world.

Bringing down the mob

Erik Prince, The Seychelles and a secret Putin/Trump backchannel


ROSIE @Rosie

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

8:45 PM · May 16, 2017

Polly Sigh @dcpoll
Replying to @Rosie
Erik Prince was under surveillance by US Intelligence as recent as Mar 2016. It was likely ongoing in Jan 2017 😎

Polly Sigh @dcpoll
THIS should send Trump WH into full panic mode: US intelligence has been monitoring Erik Prince
#Trumprussia #maddow (link: http://interc.pt/1UmEvYr) interc.pt/1UmEvYr

From the WaPo article May 3 2017


On Trump's overseas trip tomorrow, he will meet with Saudis.
Guess who he hosted at our WH ?

Trump has his own agenda & it has nothing to do with a Great America.

Interesting read.
I don't know how our Intel & Justice Dept puts all this into a case against Trump, Russia & their loyalists.

David Brooks, NYTimes Conservative Columnist on Trump:


Trump’s thoughts are “just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar”

I' say six is being generous.
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