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Member since: Thu May 4, 2017, 09:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,322

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Was the big Texas NRA fest already scheduled?

Who is in charge of charging MTG with perjury?

In an emergency, would NATO stage a False Flag operation to get involved?

Say if Russia uses massive chemical weapons or nukes or starts uncontrolled genocide.

Do we know precisely where Putin is in case we want to obliterate him?

Do Democrats have anyone remotely as insane and obnoxious as the dozens of Republicans like that?

Offhand I canít think of a one.

In any conflict with Russia, right wingers will sabotage Biden and pull for Putin.

Has a real talking filibuster ever worked? (Jimmy Stewart's doesn't count.)

Remember Ashli Babbitt who the right wingers tried to make a hero of?


Would Putin want to wait for Trump II after 2025 to make his big move?

It seems like he would wait until closer to the election to determine Trumpís chances. If Trump looks weak, he would move. If Trump looks viable, he would wait a little longer and have smoother sailing with Trumpís help.

People who are not big Bernie fans - where does he lose you?

I consider myself closer to a Centrist, but almost every time he says something, I agree with it.
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