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Roisin Ni Fiachra

Roisin Ni Fiachra's Journal
Roisin Ni Fiachra's Journal
December 1, 2020

Janis Ian - Society's Child

December 1, 2020

GOP silence on Trump's false election claims recalls McCarthy era

The silence of congressional Republican leaders as President Donald Trump's unfounded claims of election fraud grow wilder and more venomous increasingly resembles the party's deference to Sen. Joe McCarthy during the worst excesses of his anti-Communist crusade in the early 1950s.

In McCarthy's era, most of the GOP's leaders found excuses to avoid challenging conspiracy theories that they knew to be implausible, even as evidence of their costs to the nation steadily mounted. For years, despite their private doubts about his charges and methods alike, the top GOP leadership -- particularly Senate Republican leader Robert A. Taft, the Mitch McConnell of his day -- either passively abetted or actively supported McCarthy's scattershot claims of treason and Communist infiltration. A significant faction of Senate Republicans didn't join with Democrats to curb McCarthy's power until the senator immolated himself with his accusations, in highly publicized 1953 and 1954 hearings, that the Army was riddled with Communists during the presidency of fellow Republican Dwight Eisenhower.

In many respects, the congressional GOP response to Trump has paralleled the party's response to McCarthy. Whatever their private concerns about Trump's behavior or values, the vast majority of congressional Republicans have supported Trump since his 2017 inauguration at almost every turn, brushing aside concerns about everything from openly racist language to his efforts to extort the government of Ukraine to manufacture dirt on the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden.
Just like congressional Republicans now with Trump, GOP legislators then found themselves following McCarthy into deeper and deeper waters of conspiracy theories. An early indication of how far McCarthy might go came in June 1951, when he delivered a 60,000-word attack on George Marshall, the brilliant Army chief of staff in World War II and later secretary of state for Truman. It was in that speech that McCarthy famously (or infamously) declared that he was unraveling "a conspiracy ... so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man."


The silence of the Congressional Republicans regarding Trumps's sedition has drawn a canyon sized line in the sand. Clearly, they favor a one party authoritarian fascist dictatorship over a free and healthy democracy.

All the decent people in the United States must unite, and quarantine Republicans from power, by voting them out of power, everywhere we possibly can.

Beginning with the Georgia Senate runoff on January 5th, 2021, and the forced lawful eviction of Donald Trump, the aspiring fascist dictator, from his bunker in the People's White House, on January 20th, 2021.
November 30, 2020

FBI team may be forced to keep tabs on Trump trading intel for favors: MSNBC analyst

During a segment on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” national security expert Ken Dilanian explained that an out-of-office Donald Trump is a threat to the United States and that incoming President Joe Biden might be forced to ask that an FBI team monitor his movements out of fears he will trade top secrets in return for favors from foreign governments.

Speaking with host Joe Scarborough, Dilanian said Biden is already being faced with the question of whether he will allow Trump to receive reports from U.S. intelligence services as has been the custom with previous presidents once out of office.

“What my national security sources say he fits the security risk, he’s deeply in debt and you have people like former Bush administration official Jack Goldsmith openly speculating that Donald Trump may well sell secrets,” Dilanian reported. “Goldsmith told me he’s worried that a foreign country will put Trump on retainer to get the information in his head. As we know, Donald Trump is more than $400 million in debt and it’s held by a foreign bank with ties to Russian oligarchs — so there’s that question. But even if you put that aside and say, look, Donald Trump is not going to commit a federal crime and sell the secrets in his head or some he might get, but then there’s the record of indiscretions and carelessness with classified information.”

“I think it certainly would be reasonable and rational for intel — the intel community — to be concerned that this guy could trade information through a third party to be able to get — start building a tower in a country that wants desperately needs information from the United States that they can’t get,” host Scarborough interjected. “So what in the world could be done?”


Microchip him and put him under every known type of surveillance under the sun 24/7. Trump would sell our country down the river for a cheeseburger.

November 30, 2020

Rick Wilson urges 'humiliation and incarceration' for the GOP's 'grubby sellouts' who propped up

Trump fpr 4 years

“Let’s be honest with one another, though; most of you enjoyed every moment of Trump,” Wilson writes. “You boasted that the world had changed. You bragged that finally there was a Republican badass who gave no f*cks and owned the libs. All we had to give up to get there was everything that defined the center-right party for generations. You were just fine with the executive orders, the lawlessness, the statism, the betrayal of alliances around the world, and with that f*cking clown as the leader of the party and the country.”
Wilson predicts there will be calls for goodwill and healing as Joe Biden enters the White House, but he urged the new administration and Democratic lawmakers not to fall for that trick.

“The other side will work daily to sabotage not only a legislative agenda but the nation itself,” Wilson writes. “Remember, the Trump GOP is shorn of all ideological and philosophical pretense, and even when Trump leaves office, it’s not over. His cultists’ reign of terror will shape elected GOP members as long as he and his foul spawn walk the earth unpunished.”

“Only exposure, pain, humiliation, and (inshallah) incarceration will lead to a moment of reckoning for the GOP,” he adds. “It should start at the top and work down from there.”


Hallelujah, brother.
November 29, 2020

Dane County Clerk: Recount certified; no evidence of voter fraud

Source: channel 3000

MADISON, Wis. — The Dane County Board of Canvassers certified election results Sunday, concluding the county’s recount.

President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner in Dane County.

The final results of the recount found a 91 vote reduction for Joe Biden, taking his vote count 260,185 to 260,094. There also was a 46 vote reduction for President Trump, changing his vote count from 788,800 to 787,554.
McDonnell said that there was no evidence of voter fraud

Read more: https://www.channel3000.com/board-of-canvassers-certifies-election-results-in-dane-county/

November 29, 2020

In first interview since loss, Trump goes off the rails and suggests FBI is 'involved' in stealing


In his first interview since losing to President-elect Joe Biden, President Donald Trump repeated false claims about voter fraud and suggested that the FBI was “involved” in stealing the election.

Trump made the claims while speaking to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

“They send millions and millions and millions of mail-in ballots,” Trump opined. “I’m sure you know people that got two, three, four — because I do. They got four ballots. They got one at a country home. Dead people were seeing ballots. But even worse, dead people were applying to get a ballot. They were making applications to get ballots. Many. And we’re not talking about 10 people, we’re talking — there are a lot of dead people that so-called voted this election.”
“This is total fraud,” he continued. “And how the FBI and Department of Justice — I don’t know, maybe they’re involved. But how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable. This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud.


Well, the FBI did take votes away from Trump by arresting fascist domestic terrorists who were caught in the act of committing terrorist acts, or who were caught conspiring to commit terrorist acts. Thank goodness the FBI caught a bunch of them before these terrorist Trump supporters kidnapped, tortured and murdered Gov. Whitmer.
November 29, 2020

Forget about "moving on" from Trump -- the nation can't heal without accountability

This is a serious mistake. Words like "unity" and "forgiveness" sound great in the abstract, but are utterly meaningless in the current political context for one reason: The sole responsibility for all this healing is being foisted, once again, on the backs of liberals. Conservatives can't be bothered. They're too busy working on their next moves to undermine democracy, sow division and create chaos.

This pattern — Republicans screw everything up and are allowed to get away with it in the name of "unity," and take that as permission to go even further the next time — has been playing out since Richard Nixon first snagged his post-Watergate pardon. In a recent feature in the New York Times Magazine, Jonathan Mahler laid out the frustrating pattern in teeth-grinding detail:
But can a wound really heal when one party is busy applying bandages, while the other lurks in waiting, ready to stab the victim again? Of course not. And that's the problem we're facing. The "unity" isn't unity at all. It's a fake unity in which one side — the side that did not cause the damage wrought by Trump or Bush or Reagan or Nixon — does all the work, while the other side keeps looking for new opportunities to cause trouble. If anything, conservatives grows ever bolder in their corruption, realizing they will never face consequences for their actions, and in fact can count on the left to clean up all their messes for them.
It's time to stop coddling the easily hurt feelings of conservatives and instead turn our attention toward the nearly 80 million people who turned out — despite extensive efforts at disenfranchisement — to bring the Trump presidency to an end. What do we owe those Americans, the ones who actually did their part to save this country? Instead of demanding that they do more to pander to conservatives' injured feelings, why not, for once, repay them for their hard work with justice? After all Trump has put this country through, that's the least those who stood up and resisted him deserve.


This article speaks for me. The only unity I'm interested is the only unity that is possible in the real world - the unity of Democrats and all others dedicated to preventing the forces of fascism, primarily the Republican party and their rapidly growing lunatic RW extremist branch, QAnon, from destroying democracy, the rule of law, and the United States of America.

We are the people who saved democracy in America from the brink of dictatorship. We so righteously deserve to see justice carried out, for our efforts, and because it is the right thing to do.

Coddling fascists for decades is exactly how we got to where we are today - exhausted from fighting to just barely save our democracy from a fascist lunatic fringe, during a deadly plague caused by a virus, which Trump, the wannabe dictator and leader of the lunatic fascist fringe, was instrumental in deliberately spreading throughout the US population for his own selfish gain.

These fascist termites cannot be allowed to get away with continually eating away and weakening the foundation of our democracy, our institutions. and our government itself, or they will soon succeed in toppling our house, leaving us, and future generations of Americans, with a brutal fascist dictatorship, and no possibility of changing anything through democratic processes.

We must all stand united against fascism, and remain so. To do otherwise will result in the death of the democratic United States of America.
November 28, 2020

There's nothing 'normal' about this moment: Even if Trump reluctantly leaves office, immense damage

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by more than 6 million votes, and has also received 306 votes to Trump’s 232 in the Electoral College. Both outcomes are a mandate from the American people that the Age of Trump is over and its leader should be left on the ash-heap of history, a nightmare to be awakened from.

In response, Trump’s agents and followers are staging public protests, filing lawsuits on Trump’s behalf claiming that he lost because of “voter fraud,” “fake ballots” and other conspiracies, They have threatened violence and an “uprising” against Biden and the Democrats. Trump has not conceded defeat and under legal pressure is now only begrudgingly offering assistance in the transition of power. He is creating an overall environment of political instability, putting his most stalwart loyalists in key national security positions. As befits a political strongman and neofascist, Trump continues punishing the American people by further damaging the nation’s economy and literally killing thousands of people each day through a campaign of negligence and sabotage in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
In reality, Donald Trump, his Republican Party and their allies are playing a different game, one entirely outside of “normal politics” and the “folk theories of democracy” that the Fourth Estate and many other political elites worship like a religion.

Donald Trump and his movement’s real goal is to make invalid any future election where Republicans do not win.


We must remain united against fascism, add to our numbers, and take radical, innovative steps to prevent the Republican party from ending democracy and creating a one party fascist dictatorship.

We have identified the enemy, we have met the enemy, and the enemy is the Republican party.

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"

November 27, 2020

Georgia recount costs some counties hundreds of thousands of dollars

Source: AJC

Counting and recounting ballots in the presidential race in Georgia is costing taxpayers in some metro Atlanta counties hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Though the full cost is not clear, Fulton County officials said Wednesday that the combined price tag for last week’s hand count and this week’s machine recount will approach $400,000. Among other things, that includes staff time and rent through January for the Georgia World Congress Center, where counting takes place.

DeKalb County believes the hand recount alone will cost $180,000. Other counties have not yet released cost estimates. But it’s clear taxpayers will pay a steep price for recounts that state officials say will not change the outcome of the presidential race.

While some states require candidates to pay for recounts, in Georgia taxpayers pay the bill.

Read more: https://www.ajc.com/politics/election/georgia-recount-costs-some-counties-hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars/YRMXKBAMTVG3ZMMQ4PW347B5S4/

Part of Trump's tragic legacy will be the billions and billions of dollars of taxpayer money that he has wasted in his own selfish, useless, and very often malicious pursuits.
November 26, 2020

The criminal case against Donald Trump is just waiting to be made

What may be behind President Trump’s refusal to concede the election, despite overwhelming evidence that he lost, is a desire for a pardon that might shield him from federal criminal prosecution once he leaves office. His former White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, has said as much. In effect, he wants a hardball deal. Joe Biden, to use Lincoln’s words, commendably wants to “bind up the nation’s wounds,” “with malice towards none; and charity for all,” and he may just be inclined to give Trump a pass so he can spend the next four years attempting to undermine the government. Indeed, he has started already.

Trump loves the pardon power. Just today, he pardoned his disgraced former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russians. In addition to four Thanksgiving turkeys, he has pardoned only 28 individuals with close political and personal ties to himself, not a staggering number, but presumably, he is not finished yet. We can surely expect a flurry of pardons out of the White House in the 55 days before January 20, 2021.

Of course, Trump might try to pardon himself. Then, he won’t need Biden, but legal scholars are uniformly of the view that self-pardon won’t stick. “No man may be a judge of his own case,” the venerable maxim goes. Some have suggested that he could resign, and have Mike Pence pardon him, but this is far-fetched and politically untenable. Smacks too much of Roy Cohn and Roger Stone.
To ignore the rule of law does not bind the wounds; it wraps them in sackcloth and ashes. Other countries do not believe their leaders are above the law. Sarcozy is standing trial in France for corruption. Israel will proceed to try Netanyahu for his alleged crimes. They believe in an “eye for an eye.” As Colonel Alexander Vindman said so stirringly at the impeachment inquiry: “This is America. Here right matters.” Here, the people rule.


Trump must be brought to justice. After 4 years of Trump and his thugs freely committing crimes with impunity, under the umbrella of Executive Privilege, the incoming DOJ and all other Law Enforcement agencies must take action to make this one thing perfectly clear to the people of this country and world:

In the United States of America, no one is above the Law.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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