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Member since: Thu Apr 27, 2017, 06:49 PM
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Do you think we'll ever know the complete unvarnished truth about Nov 22 1963?

Maybe. When/if the Kennedy's dwindle down to a handful.

Apparently we are a nation unable to look too long or too deeply at deep down ugliness. Bc we sorta...let that one go.

Can someone explain Donald Trump's EXTREME level of narcissism?

I get narcissism, I do. We are all narcissistic and devoted to self. To a degree. What I'm not understanding is how does such extreme narcissism co-exist with...reality? And how does one function?

At a certain point even if you think you're the 2nd coming of Caesar, Einstein and Henry VIII all rolled into one, reality...LIFE.. quickly shows you: Nah, son. When they fail what do they tell themselves? When they are humiliated and embarrassed by their own actions..DEMONSTRABLY your own actions..how do you look at that and go--not my fault.

Ex: when DT shoved the Montenegro Amb. to get in front for the photo op & then stood there like the cock o the walk with that insufferably smug thing he does with his mouth--Does he not look at the footage of that later and SEE what everybody else sees?

I can't process it or understand it. I used to think...he's joking or bullshitting; he CANNOT really be this way. I don't have a frame of reference for it.

How much time ya got?

Paul Ryan. I'd like to bitch slap him up and down Pennsylvania Ave.

Mitch McConnell: Because he makes my teeth itch.

Not sure about this Gop Congressman's name (Trody? Trout? Tracy?) but he's a dead ringer for Boo Radley. That deserves a pop upside the head.

Putin(I wanna rhymes-with-aunt so badly) ...thank you sweetie for fkg with with my nerves so elegantly and effectively. You're good. Playing chess with Senators, Congressmen, Presidents and European leaders as your chess pieces. Gotta give Beelzebub his due: You have discombobulated an entire nation you flat faced sociopath. You can iron a pair of jeans with that face...

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