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Member since: Thu Apr 27, 2017, 02:10 PM
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Speculate the ending to this scenario:

(If I were a novel writer, I couldn't go wrong)

Three disparate pieces of evidence recently reported in the news, and then we speculate the conclusion. I like to think
of the ending in dramatic terms (to entertain myself and hopefully others)- it makes for great fiction, a wide sweeping story
of delusions, power, and the kingdom lost. A story of migration for FREEDOM, of lust for power, lies, deception, and finally a brutal scene of unchecked plague, disease, and .... (probably insurance fraud, but I'm guess on that part).

1. Scientists are working on a new vaccine that may finally end COVID-19 as the vaccine acts on the part of the virus that does not mutate. All variations of the disease will be disabled. Thoughts are, it could be out in a year+.

2. Analysis of the midterms and the Florida elections point to markedly increased migration of Republicans to Florida (to escape vaccine requirements?) for "freedom" and guns, and other Republican reasons. Democrats left the state. The state is heavily non-vaccinated people = Republicans.

3. And finally, we have the recent remarks from the Leader of the Kingdom, Ron DeSantis again disparaging vaccines and crowing victory over Biden's restrictions to mitigate the disease.

These are real facts, but leading to an imagined conclusion, for entertainment. I don't want anyone to suffer and die from a preventable disease.
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