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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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Waiting ok but have one problem with it. Bush produced Trump

We must hold presidents accountable to reinforce we are a nation of laws. I also firmly believe we lost the House because Pelosi refused to impeach Bush. What good are the dems if they allow repubs to tear down our nation and refuse to hold them accountable. Look at how much damage Bush/Cheney did that possibly could have been restrained. The same with Trump. Impeaching Trump gives Congress more investigative powers and there has never been a more corrupt president as we already know.
There is no doubt in my mind that the senate will NOT convict but I disagree that this will make dems look bad. It will succeed in making repubs look bad. Trumps base will not cheer any louder than they are now in the midst of Trumps criminal behavior. There is so much evidence of Trump wrong doing that refusing to impeach will tell future presidents they can get away with anything. Pelosi can walk and chew gum at the same time but please don't repeat the past because not impeaching may cost us the senate like it did the House last time. Republicans will be held accountable for supporting the Trump crime family...not the dems, who hopefully will do everything in their power to stop him and stand up for the people. No matter what, Trump will not win a 2nd term. Any of our candidates can beat him. Only cheating will even give him a chance. It's not "IF" we should impeach, but "WHEN".

We are all Democratic Socialist already. Look at all our socialist programs

I'm an FDR socialist. We all partake of libraries, national highways, min wage, fire and police departments, free public education VA, national parks, Medicare, Medicaid, SS, etc etc etc. We are all "Democratic" socialist as we voters decide what programs we all share in and our tax dollars pay for. I suggest we don't get caught up in defining the term but just instead point to all our socialist programs and ask any trying to make it sound negative "which of these socialist programs do you not like?".
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