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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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Thank you, well said. we have so many good candidates.I appreciate them all

I hate it when people come on here and post bitter, hateful rhetoric based on assumptions and usually directed at their character rather than their policy stands. We will win and whatever policies you want enacted should be your guiding force in backing a candidate. The majority of this nation is liberal and progressive by the policy poll's results but many will refuse to call themselves by these titles. So I ask people to look for what a candidate stands for based on facts and not assumptions and principles rather than personalities.

We've already taken a side.QWe want a cou so we can take their oil. We tried to do

the same thing with Chavez. It will also serve as a distraction from Trumps crime family activities. This authoritarian oligarchy most definitely has an agenda. The swamp people want no taxes, shrink gov so it can be drowned in the bath tub, no regulations, employee health ins. and pack the courts with corporate friendly judges. They are doing or have done every bit of it. Now they just want to keep the weapons flowing and wars going to maintain profits. If we want our country back these are the people we must rid ourselves of. Republicans have not meant a war they didn't like.

We are watching this hypocrite dismantle our democracy powerless to stop him

This has never been about a wall. It is about the dismantling of our democratic institutions, as if it is being orchestrated by Putin himself. We have no legal way of stopping it. The president should not have the power to shutdown our government. This is our government. OUR democratic republic and he just waltzes in and shuts it down? I reject anyone, any law that claims he should have the power to do that. We must rise up against such tyranny or this will be the end of our Democracy. Like cutting off the head of a snake except there are so many snakes, and ending this right wing propaganda machine. Our Democracy is precious and could never be understood and looked upon as a brotherhood by a half wit inheritance baby, vindictive, petty, criminal con man grifter and his enabler- Mitch McConnell.
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