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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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Not a member in name only as he always caucuses with the dems

I always find very petty comments demeaning Bernie Sanders frivolous. Why bother making them? It's like commenting on someone's hair.
I saw Obama as a man first and primarily of good character with integrity and very inspirational...oh and by the way...he also happened to be black. That's how much him being black influenced me concerning anything about him. I feel sorry for those who get stuck on on a person's features. Bernie is a good man who has done more for the democratic party than most people who call themselves democrats. I hope we don't start hearing "it's a shame we don't have Hillary to beat up on anymore", or slandering her comments etc. It's divisive and petty. These are progressive people who are for the people and side with the democratic party platform. And I welcome them no matter what they call themselves because the opposition belong in the shop of horrors as a cult of fascist tyranny.
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