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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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Thom Hartmann warns that corporate dems are using media to say

the progressive dems are not what the democratic party really wants despite all the evidence to the contrary. I've been a dem since birth and have always thought the democratic party was the party of the people not wealthy corporate donors which is why Thom Perez, president of the DNC has said only those candidates whose major donations come from multiple small donations should participate in the debates. I see the democratic party moving away from mega corporate donors , the banksters, wall street and fossil fuel donors which began on steroids with Pres. Clinton and back to multiple small donors like what has driven the progressive candidates recently. One thought, you can't claim to want something and then attack those trying to get it for you. The Democratic party remains the party of the people, the working class, the poor and the elderly. Makes me wonder: Is Skinner et al corporate conservadems or progressives?...or cannot be so easily classified lol.

Yes, he has my vote.He represents what a president should be

Even if he doesn't get the nomination he will make the entire venture more progressive for the entire party. A great candidate on any ticket and let us not forget according to all the polls he would have beaten Trump by a far greater margin than any other candidate uniting dems, independents and republicans. He made single payer a national agenda as well as free public college and income equality. He's an honest man of the people so he's good for what we all want with a tremendous energy level. But it's a long way off and I will wait till we have actual candidates to choose between. But yeah, he should run.

More unites us than divides us but Trump pushes what divides us

All the polls on the main issues show by a huge margin that we want single payer; free public college; environmental protections; renewable energy; rebuilding our infrastructure; income equality; free child care; increased SS benefits;Immigration reform etc etc etc. Merry Christmas to all of us. Children are taught not to act like Trump. Someone forgot to teach Trump. This PINO is a thug who stole the election and turned the presidency into a criminal enterprise and is now going about the country recruiting loyalists and brownshirts for his coming attempt to become a dictator. 100 people with guns think they are tough until they come up against a thousand people with guns. Then they are just stupid.

Not Obama like, it's Trump like when all his generals, state dept, advisors & allies

are telling him not to. He just wants money for real estate from the Saudi's by abandoning the Kerds who fought side by side with us against ISIS. Erdowon(sp) in Turkey will ride in and slaughter the Kerds as soon as Trump pulls the troops out. It makes no sense. Thomm Hartmann claims it's in response to get Turkey to shut up about Kassaggi murder and Trump can get the loans from the Saudis, he and Kushner, for their hotel deals. Trump is too stupid to have any sense of the subject so you can be sure it's for a personal profit motive as how he justifies this action.
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