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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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All polls show the public agreeing on things we want for our society

Like Medicare for all. free public higher ed, ending wealth inequality, rebuilding our infrastructure, making the 1% pay their fair share and the list goes on. More unites us than divides us and radical extremists, and racists will not divide us if we stay firm to what unites us.

That's not what happens. 1st, it depends on thhe gravity of the charges

2nd) Trump is self destructive and impeachment might cause his head to explode before he hung himself. 3rd)It is a duty and responsibility of the House and should never be ignored because of political reasons. 4th) Trump is already tearing this country apart while making it an embarrassment to the world and must be stopped and regulated. Impeachment would tie his hands while showing our citizens how self serving and destructive this PINO actually is. If the charges show criminal overreach...we must impeach. Trump has a history of losing. especially in court and his white supremacist supporters will always be here trying to divide the nation. We outnumber them 5-1 and the more they disrupt and try to divide the number opposing them increases in power and force.
So don't be paranoid. If we have reason to impeach we will not feed hypocrisy. We will stand strong that no one is above the law.
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