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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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We must do something.Trump is leading us into nuclear war

while promoting white supremacy, fascism and a police/military state. He has already made America a laughingstock and the world fearful of his mental instability. This unfit, unqualified and mentally deranged PINO must be stopped. Nfl players are not protesting the anthem they are protesting not living up to what it is supposed to stand for. Liberty, Justice, Tolerance, equality and peace. Trump has never done anything for anybody his entire life.

Medicare for all, Not 'single payer'. Difference

is how it is phased in by lowering the coverage age. Pay for it as Sanders explained with a 6.2% corporate tax for HC since employers no longer offer plans. Medicare operates at 3% overhead so costs for ins go way down and end up paying less than what they are paying now. Mahr is not well informed on this issue or else he expresses his understanding negatively.
Also Payee means just that, it pays the bill. Medical people and institutions all stay the same but don't have to deal with all the paperwork and ins companies since there is only a single payer and with everyone covered it will easily be able to cover dental, hearing, and vision. Mahr is wrong when he says doctors will have to charge less etc.. Plus each covered individual will have a say in how the program is managed. Its not socialism it's 'Democratic' socialism.

And why not.Compared to single payer Graham"s

bill looks even more monstrous. Graham will attack the messenger no matter what. He always tries to provoke a fight with his condescending authoritarian manner. He will lie and use emotional blackmail to belittle whomever he is speaking to. His policy is indefensible so of course he will attack the personalities. He will try to present a fairy tale as his health care plan as he insults and mocks those who disagree or represent reality. Bernie is an honest good man who cares about the people and Graham is not. Democratic Socialism flourishes already in America and is the only form of government which both ensures our freedom AND our survival as we protect what is necessary for survival, coming together to decide how we do that.
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