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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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This post is unfounded. Certainly not why

Clinton was rejected by some dems. She was seen as status quo Wall street bankster cultivated DLC lobbyists backed corporate centrist by some dems but few voted for Trump. But don't forget, Trump ran as a democrat against trade deals, said he would not cut SS, Medicare or Medicaid and bring the manufacturing jobs back home and get rid of Wall street influence in the WH.
Please define what you mean by "far left" because this "both siderism" is a myth. Only one side is destroying the planet and the nation.
BTW...The group you write about is such a small group that your post is trivial begging the question why bother to write it in the first place

It's the last gasp of the DLC. This purity thing

"So because we stand for Wall street and lobbyists and banksters instead of the people, the working man the middle class and the working poor we're not pure enough?" Well yeah, kind of. That's not my democratic party, the party of FDR, Johnson but I'm sure there's a place for you...not a dominate one...but a place. Down on Main street.

Don't be dAft. Just make sure they want

to put the fire out or recognize there is one.. Some would let it burn cause we need the land for something else etc.. But yeah I syupport anyone who is against this repub crap. I don't see dems fighting over that. Just mostly how to implement our agenda and being progressive often means the corporate interests or DLC loses power in the party of the people. After all the majority of the nation is center left according to the polls but if you represent Wall street over Main street then you don't represent me but I'll help you put out the fire lol.
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