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He doesn't care as this is not about

health care ins...It's about tax cuts. To pay for Medicaid expansion and premium subsidies under the ACA taxes on capital gains were increased from 20% to 23.9% and only multimillionaires pay capital gains taxes. Income taxes are 39% but these greedy goobers feel cheated paying this additional 3.
9% increase even though they pay 19% less already. They want their tax cuts back dated to 12/31/16 and want no part in paying for ins for the poor. So Trump care is taking money from the poor and giving it back to their greedy donors who already pay 19% less in taxes. Republicans don't care about health care only tax cuts for the 400 richest families

He was one of the first to call it out

He doesn't care about taking credit. He just wonts to get the job done said a republican who worked with him on a bill. Sanders has always been a man of the people. His critics here dislike him because he dared to challenge Clinton which is why their criticisms are usually so petty. The man made income inequality a main stream issue along with single payer and free higher education and can be trusted to always stand for these issues no matter the outside influences. He showed the dem party they don't need to rely on Wal street lobbyists or Banksters for financial support. Rely on the people by standing for what the people want as shown by poll after poll.
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