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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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Wrong. Hillary just had too much baggage plus

Picking Tim Kaine for VP proved she was not listening and was just gonna be more of the same bankster, lobbying wall street supporting president. Her progressive change was late so not believable. People wanted an outsider and that is why all the polls showed Bernie beating Trump by a much larger percentage than Hillary. Bill forgets these deplorables supporting Trump will never support a democrat and he leaves out Cross Check which handed the election to Trump and the republicans downstream. Voter rolls were purged, gerrymandering, Comey. and Wikileaks yet she still managed to win the popular vote. The dem platform is as progressive as it can get and needs FDR types like Warren and Sanders and get rid of the DLC focus and get the DNC to support the dem platform. Love ya Bill but your bit about flipping Trump supporters is just way off and wrong.
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