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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 03:39 PM
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Liar. History has proved the opposite happens

Reagan dropped the top tax rate and we got a recession 3yrs later, Bush dropped the taxes on the wealthy and corporations and we got 3yrs later another republican depression; Harding dropped the top tax rate in the 20s and we got th republican great depression. Ryan is stupid and he's lying out his butt.
Is anybody really buying Ryan's nonsense?

Moore can be elected but he cannot be "seated"

according to our constitution it is against the law to "seat" a person even if elected if e has performed acts of sedition or acts against the constitution like ordering elected officials to ignore federal laws, or getting thrown off the judicial bench for refusing to take down religious monuments. The MSM is focusing on his sexual misconduct to avoid the real problem with him getting elected...he cannot be seated according to law. Get the word out. He ordered probate judges not to obey the constitution. He is a constitutional criminal and as part of the 14 amendment a constitutional criminal cannot be seated even if elected. McConnell saying he would be seated makes him a co-conspirator as a constitutional criminal cannot be seated according to the 14th amendment. Women should vote against him as he wrote in his op-ed for his class that women should not be allowed to vote. We cannot Make America America again if we keep allowing hypocrites like Moore to get elected. Read the 3rd part of the 14 Amendment because McConnell certainly hasn't read it.
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