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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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There are not many options left to us. Trump's cabinet

is who must enforce the 25th Amendment.j His self appointed members were appointed primarily because of loyalty to him.
This republican congress will not impeach him so what are we left with? Discontent is everywhere along with this sense of impending doom as we take chances this madman will launch nukes unimpeded. The majority of the nation do not trust him and want him gone. What is left for us?

Principles before personalities or labels

Sanders should act like HRC and say he will never run for any office again? He campaigned his butt off for Hillary and you call it ďtepidĒ. Is that bias or prejudice? There is a big difference between Progressive democrats and corporate democrats and our party platform is more reflective of Bernie Sanders than you want to admit. You got this point right when you said Democratic supporters which implies a democratic supporter does not mean they are a democrat but are a supporter. This site as I see it is Democratic Underground (as it says on my bumper sticker) not Democratic Party Underground.. Itís our ideals and principles we strand for and not some label. I would not support a democrat if he acted like Trump. Bernie Sanders did so much for our party bringing in huge numbers of young people and causing us to define our principles and show what we as a party stand for yet at every opportunity you attempt to demean him. Why even write a post like this except to demean him and then equate him with Jill Stein when they are so different shows you grasping at straws. Your efforts are divisive and purist. Seems you really donít want a discussion but an argument. I call you friend and ask you to reexamine your attitude toward Bernie Sanders who stands for our principles no matter how you label him. If it walks like a duck, and looks like a duck then we call it a duck, no matter if it wants to call itself a swan

One thing's for certain.Can't unify if ignore half your members

Only discussion and debate should settle disagreements but effort and commitment are leading traits. One person's opinion is just that an one should not assume everyone should or does feel the same way. Still if someone like trump started calling himself a democrat I'd tell him to go fuck himself and get lost. This is supposed to be the people's party and not chasers after banksters, Wall streeters, corporate lobbyist's donors. Progressives vs the DLC will have to be debated and discussed. So far the party was changing to be more progressive...every since Sander's push for income equality. The country always prospered more when there was a high corporate tax rate with a high wealth tax. Always.
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